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PC: BlackEyeHawk by landiddy

As the guy who asked for this, I feel like it's only fair if I do a critique. I have no real reason for my support of this couple, outs...

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The skies were so clear today! Jenny hollered as she soared through the open skies on her new jets. Brit looked up from her garden to see her girlfriend fly through the air performing all sorts of amazing tricks without even the slightest delay or stumble. She looked to be having the time of her life up there. Amazing how fast she recovered following her near death. Doctor Wakeman did the same thing when the hospital released her; she got right back into her work and dismissed Brit from hanging around and providing assistance.

So Brit had spent most of the week following the Anhui Crash just tending to her garden. Spring time; so most of the flowers were in bloom and sadly Brit discovered that she was allergic to the various flora in her little garden. So they had to go. Oh well, Brit was able to sell them for a decent price and buy some good plants. She even planned out planting some berry bushes earlier and they were starting to spout.

“Feels great!” Jenny shouted as she landed on the ground using her new gravity mufflers to quickly hit the ground without burying into it. “Man, with this new body, I could tackle a entire invasion within seconds! If the New Cluster attacks during class, I’ll be back without anyone even noticing I was gone!” She started to go through various warm-up activities; Brit’s eyes couldn’t keep up with the rapid motion as Jenny went between each exercise without moving her body between on the ground and standing up. The sound of ‘vrr’ came in between each pose. Jenny ‘vrr’ed a lot more often now. Seemingly a function of her new turbo limbs.

“I guess you should be able to hunt down Queen Vexus and stop the invasions.” Brit stated as she focused on planting a few extra tulips to liven the garden with some color.

“Great idea!” Jenny shot a finger up into the air. Then she slumped over. “I don’t know where she is nor how to find her.”

Brit put down her spade and turned to face Jenny. “You have all that new equipment and you can’t locate a powerful being?”

Jenny shrugged her shoulders as various devices, such as a radar dish, antennas, and a radar screen popped out of her head and made some stereotypical noises you would hear in a cheesy fifty-science fiction movie. Several long minutes passed as Jenny ‘scanned’, with the movements she made were tapping in foot slowly. Brit just watched on with a growing annoyed look on her face.

“Nope.” Jenny shook her head right before all the dangling equipment inside of her instantly retreated back into her head. “Can’t find her. Must have a network of cloaks, false sensors, and redirecting signals.”

“Was that necessary?” Brit asked as she returned back to work.

“Yes.” Jenny pointed out finger and out shot a long iron rod, and water started to sprinkle out onto the garden. Brit didn’t catch on until the wind picked up and sprayed a few drops of water on her. She turned to see Jenny whistling with her hands behind her back.

“Stop that.” Brit warned as she continued to garden on her own. “And you know, I make sure to water my plants appropriately. Too much or too little could really be bad for the plants.”

“Actually…” Jenny started to ‘vrr’ again. Brit turned around to see Jenny automatically transform into a desk with a computer. “Your roses need more water, and the tulips a bit less than what you have been doing. And…” Jenny then switched over to her normal body, this time with a scanning device in her torso that scanned the flowers. “…and you haven’t been properly watering your plants. Looks like you forgot to do it yesterday…”

“Stop that!” Brit raised her voice with a sharp tongue. Jenny immediately retreated back into her usual body. Brit stood up and approached Jenny with a glare. “Why do you keep doing that?”

“I need to practice my new upgrades.” Jenny ignored Brit’s last order by transforming her right hand into various gadgets; a Swiss army knife, a small laser pistol, a pair of scissors, a antenna, (For what was never specified.) and for the thumb came out a drill. “I don’t want to go into a battle with a giant monster and suddenly attack with this!” She pointed the spinning drill at Brit, who jumped back a few inches. “Whoops.”

“Ergh!” Brit let out a loud groan. “I get that. But you’re just acting annoying! Showing off unneeded gadgets like some dirty travelling salesman!”

“Sorry.” Jenny blushed, putting her hands behind her back. Her right hand transformed back to normal, but her left hand retracted and pushed out a bouquet of plastic flowers. Pushing aside the thought as to why she would even have that, she forced her body to return the flowers inside. “I’m still having to adjust to my new body.”

“How long did it take you to get used to your powers when you first got activated?” Brit then asked while crossing her arms.

“Only a few hours.” Jenny shrugged, keeping her new shoulder pads missile launchers from coming out. “I was born with the knowledge of my abilities. Literally! Every power, equipment, and even every part was built into my CPU…but there was a warm-up period.” She tapped her foot again; this time keeping her new equipment from going crazy and just popping up. “So…a few hours…about two?”

“Benjamin Button effect in here.” Brit muttered under her breath with a slight chuckle.

“I got to get used to all the new weapons and gadgets built in!” Jenny’s left arm retracted into her elbow, and showed off a giant rod with a hoop attached. “I mean, what’s this?” She waved the object around. “A bubble wand? An energy ring shooter? A racket?” She demonstrated her tennis swing. “An plasma net? What?” She shrugged her shoulders. Brit gave the same expression, not really caring at this moment. Jenny returned the thing back in before then asking: “Am I annoying you?”

“Oh.” Brit groaned. “Just a little. A mite.”

“Are we going through a spat?” Jenny then asked.

“No we aren’t.” Brit shook her head. “Just a little divided right now. Don’t worry, once you get used to the new stuff inside of you, we should be able to hook up again.”

“Wait.” Jenny slowly approached Brit from behind. “Are you saying the reason we have been separate the past week is my fault?” Brit nodded. Jenny huffed and turned away before getting a wicked idea. Turning on the new mufflers to cover her footsteps and activating her ventriloquist program to throw her voice. “Geez, fine.” Brit thought that the voice came from the patio door. “I’ll be making some awesome brownies then! And you’ll get only one!”

Brit just laughed at that. With her distracted, Jenny scooped Brit up by her armpits and lifted up into the air. Brit protested but Jenny ignored her girlfriend and took her far away from the house. The two flew out of Tremorton and went past state lines. Brit continued to plead to be placed down on terra firma, but Jenny continued to fly on, going over a ocean. Seeing the entire world had suddenly became blue and a bit darker as they passed through time zones, Brit kept quiet and stopped struggling.

“Where are you taking me?” She finally asked.

“Somewhere special.” Jenny replied with a greeting card statement. “Just close your eyes and when I tell them to open them, you’ll forgive me and everything will be all right again!” Brit didn’t reply and just closed her eyes as asked. Better than try to argue with a war machine…

Only a minute passed before Jenny said: “Okay, open!”

The first item of note to be seen as soon as Brit’s eyes open was the sky. It gone from blue and empty of clouds over her small garden to a fantastic display of orange and yellow with a great shining sun with beams of light piercing through the clouds. As she glanced down, Brit couldn’t help but gasp. The entire landscape had became filled to each corner of the earth with tulips of varying colors all formed in lines. She had seen photos taken from airplanes…Jenny just flew her into the Netherlands. Brit found her knees buckling after seeing such a impressive sight and Jenny directed the falling gal onto a nearby smooth rock for her to sit on. Jenny continued to stand, facing the sunset with a warm smile.

“Welcome to the Netherlands.” Jenny sighed as she took a deep breath of the air around her. Her systems found it to be at least 26.5% more cleaner than the air back home. “Feel better?”

“Sight-seeing isn’t proper medicine.” Brit groaned as she held her face with her face to hide her growing dark blush.

“It’s working, isn’t it?” Jenny started to laugh. “You got into flowers recently, so a trip to the flower capital of the world should cheer you up!” She sat next to Brit and placed a hand around her shoulder. “So what’s the problem? Can we talk about this, or do I need to fly you to a full planet of flowers?” She tapped on her chest, and out popped a simple oxygen mask. “This might be small, but it’s got enough charge to take you to Tau Lambda. That planet’s got…”

“Jenny…” Brit sighed as she tapped a finger against Jenny’s chest. “That’s reason why I don’t feel as close to you now.”

“My lack of breasts?” Jenny raised her eyebrow. “I don’t want to make you envious…”

“You have developed a weird liking for breasts…” Brit sighed. “No, it’s not your chest itself. It’s you Jenny. You’ve become more machine than human…I mean, you were already a machine, but you wanted to become more human, right?” Brit started to mutter under her breath something inaudible. “It’s silly, I know. But with you constantly pulling out weird stuff…I just feel…”

“Oh, you big baby!” Jenny started to laugh and slugged Brit on the shoulder. “That’s all? Man, you really do go get worked up over the little things!” Jenny continued to laugh. “But…if you honestly consider me showing off my upgrades to be a bad thing…then I’ll stop! I’ll just practice in private! By next week I will have complete control over my new equipment and I’ll be acting normal again.”

“Jenny.” Brit sighed. “It’s just…if you were more human, my family would accept you. But the more machine you act, the more my family distances me. They somehow heard about me upgrading you and they sent me a letter.” She got off the rock and laid out flat on the grassy knoll, staring up at the sky above. “They said I was a hero for saving you, and they were willing to let me back into the family…if I immediately left.” She held a hand up to keep Jenny from talking. “I already told them to forget it…but honestly…they made a good offer. I leave you…and I get immediate access to the family vault.” She then bit her lip. “My part? One billion dollars.”

“Why don’t you just take that amount and come back to me?” Jenny shrugged. “Okay, that’s a bit on the evil side, but hey, it’s your money and your family are douchebags…”

“The moment I take the money and run is the moment my dad fully considers me no longer apart of the family…and I will lose the money and…mostly likely my life.”

“You’re shitting me.”

“My dad made it clear I have only two choices in this manner.” Brit held up two fingers. “Be apart of the family and enjoy the wealth…” She waggled a finger before putting it down and pointing the second finger up into the air. “…or live with a emotionless machine and in poverty.”

“We ain’t that poor!” Jenny spat out. “In comparison to them, yeah, but Doctor Wakeman still can afford to send us to college and can retire to a beach resort! She’s got…like a…gold bullion hidden out in the Arizona desert somewhere!”

“But family.” Brit held out her hands. “Family is important.”

“Brit, if your family is willing to kill you, then perhaps it’s time to find a new one.”

“Dammit Jenny.” Brit groaned. “Family isn’t something you just replace like a broken machine. Yes, I should. Totally. It’s the smartest decision to make…but Jenny.” Brit’s voice got real low when she said the next part. “And I’ve known them at least eight times longer than I’ve known you…”

“I understand completely.” Jenny sighed. She got up and looked away. “Well, it’s been fun and all, and hey! It lasted nearly six months…”

“Jenny, I’m not breaking up with you.” Brit shook her head. She got up and hugged Jenny from behind. “I’m going back to my family…but I’m not going to stop seeing you.”

“That’s the worse decision you can make.” Jenny turned around and stated the obvious. “You’ll be living with people who will hate for stupid reasons and they’ll take every opportunity to mock you. They’ll dangle the money you deserve right in front of your face! I’m not worth it!”

Brit went silent. “Jenny. I’ll get that money in time. My parents will pay attention more to my work ethic than they will to who I date. I’ll become a better businesswoman than my mom or dad ever was!”

“Do you want me to be your sexy secretary?” Jenny bemused.

“Yeah, might as well!” Brit laughed. “Imagine you, the hero of the world many times over, coming into the office wearing a stupid sexy Halloween costume!”

“Hey, I wouldn’t mind wearing a outfit that just put my underwear on display! Say, what kind of underwear do you prefer? Lacey, thong, bikini…”

“Stop that Jenny!” Brit shouted out loud, but could barely stop laughing. The two got into such a fit they ended collapsing back onto the ground and rolling down the knoll together. The laughing didn’t stop as laid together at the bottom of the hill, kissing each other. It wouldn’t go too far though; Jenny had detected a few human beings that were coming and wouldn’t be happy to see a couple rolling around in their flowers. Jenny picked up Brit and flew her out of there before the people arrived.

They had school tomorrow and Nora kindly asked them to not dirty the new sheets, so no naked fun under the sheets tonight. At least Brit allowed Jenny to touch her. Jenny found the feeling of human breasts to be quite warm. Brit looked so happy now.
Looking for someone to trade with me. These trades are 18+ and I'm willing to do WHATEVER you want in exchange. Can be here on site or off-site.
It burned Samus’ gut. She didn’t want to be just like a petty schoolgirl, but she couldn’t help but feel jealous as she spied upon two people conversing. She tried to focus on polishing and cleaning out her pistol, but her eyes kept darting back to the two. They’ve been talking for the past five minutes, what was so interesting it kept them glued to the ground?

Another day at the Smash Mansion ended the same way each day did, a massive battle royale with Luigi managing to pull himself out of the cloud of violence and claim first place. He would have to pray tonight to make sure he at least wouldn’t be the first to go down. Samus had invited Zelda over for a dinner in her ship, and the two were supposed to be talking what they should get, but the Wii Fit Trainer apparently offered something so much better to keep Zelda’s attention. The chalky-looking exercise gal stopped doing yoga poses to hold the floor with a well-learned princess.

To say Samus wondered about the two would be the weakest statement of the century.

Unable to focus on her gun maintenance, she got up and left. Zelda would know where to contact her later. Samus’ mind went adrift to paranoid thoughts and ideas. The first stop lead her to believe that Zelda had entered into a affair with the newcomer. The Wii Fit Trainer didn’t look human, let alone sounded like one. Always talking with exercise metaphors, it made some people’s minds hurt. Samus could stand it, but why her? Okay, some guys found the female trainer sexy and a few of the girls mentioned the male trainer, but you think that Zelda, queen of a entire country and possessor of one piece of their holy symbol, would have made a better choice.

Zelda has known Peach for years. Those two were apart of the biggest worlds, and the have been friends longer than Samus knew Zelda. Palutena and Rosalina offered great deal of actual magical power, something that Zelda had a great interest in. The female Robin and Lucina were physically strong, if Zelda likes that. The Wii Fit Trainer had little personality outside of exercise and yoga…

Samus had a spaceship! Seriously, that should be enough to outdo the Trainer!

At least inside of her SPACESHIP Samus could focus on cleaning her gun. Didn’t want it to blow up her face during a battle. Knowing her current luck, even with this level of meticulous cleaning the gun would go off and shoot her in the face when she’s about to KO her opponent on his last stock.  Samus tried to push out of her mind the thought of her beloved Zelda cheating so she wouldn’t jam the towel in the slide, but her mind really went overboard with the paranoid delusions.

The Wii Fit Trainer told Zelda to lay out flat on her bed and take several deep breaths. Zelda did as she was told without question. The Trainer pulled down her pants and gently laid on top of Zelda on bed. Zelda smiled as she let the Trainer undress her…

Samus slapped herself to calm herself down. She opened a desk drawer and stashed her pistol in it for now. Didn’t need to work on something dangerous while all annoyed like this. She went back to her chair and lifted her legs up onto it and held her head up with her hands.  Famous bounty hunter, destroyer of worlds…and intensely jealous of something she had no clues about. Well, might as wait and find out. Samus took several breathes before getting to work cleaning the ship and getting into her favorite dress. It helped her…a bit, but she could at least move around with throwing her fists at a invisible Trainer.

Zelda arrived exactly a minute behind schedule (As usual) wearing her purple club outfit. She had a smile on while Samus didn’t. Zelda noticed right away and asked, “Lady Samus? Is something wrong? Did something come up?”

“Oh no.” Samus kept her furrowed brow. “I’m just…annoyed. That’s all.”

“Because the dog and the duck kept laughing at you while bombarding you with exploding cans?”

“I got over that.” Samus huffed. “But I do have one question…and I expect you to answer in earnest.” Zelda shrugged so Samus continued. “I’m not the jealous type…but I have to ask before my mind continues to generate insane images…so please tell me. I want to know what you were talking about with the Trainer…”

“Oh dear.” Zelda sniggered in her usual princess fashion. “We have a misunderstanding here. A rather large one.” Samus motioned with her hands to continue. “I asked her to give me a few sessions of her class so I can get stronger. Yoga is a good way of strengthen your body…”

“That conservation took forever!” Samus blurted out loud. “The one you had in the lunch room!”

“Samus…” Zelda sighed. “The Mii Fighter Trainers are married to each other. They have been married since their debut.” Samus raised a finger to say something, but Zelda continued. “Palutena and Lucina are also dating. Peach and Rosalina are also dating the same man I believe…but I’m loyal to you.” Zelda crossed her arms as Samus started to blush as she realized how stupid she acted and thought.

“Is the date off?” Samus asked as she looked away.

“No.” Zelda shook her head. “But we shall change the schedule…a slight.”

Zelda told Samus to lay out flat on her bed and take several deep breaths. Samus did as she was told without question. Zelda pulled down her pants and gently laid on top of Samus on bed. Samus smiled as she let Zelda undress her…
Yes, that's right. I'll write whatever you want. Be it disgusting, bloody, porn...-y...

Whatever, I'll write it out. I usually write around 1K words, but I'll go further with better details (AKA relevant details. I don't need to know about how the character won a fishing tourney when they were right.) 

I'll write OC and fan fiction. 

I accept: (Standard Rates)

+ Paypal ($5/1K Words)
+ PSN/Nintendo eShop/Amazon Codes

I also accept trades, be it for another story or art. I'm looking to do long trades; for those asking, that means you do a series of stuff for me, and I write out a great deal of stuff for you. (It can be multiple one-shots or a continuous chapter story.)

Tell your friends, tell your neighbors, tell anybody. I got plenty of time to burn. Leave a comment below or send me a note.
Yes, that's right. I'll write whatever you want. Be it disgusting, bloody, porn...-y...

Whatever, I'll write it out. I usually write around 1K words, but I'll go further with better details (AKA relevant details. I don't need to know about how the character won a fishing tourney when they were right.) 

I'll write OC and fan fiction. 

I accept: (Standard Rates)

+ DA Points (250 points/1K Words)
+ Paypal ($5/1K Words)
+ PSN/Nintendo eShop/Amazon Codes

I also accept trades, be it for another story or art. I'm looking to do long trades; for those asking, that means you do a series of stuff for me, and I write out a great deal of stuff for you. (It can be multiple one-shots or a continuous chapter story.)

Tell your friends, tell your neighbors, tell anybody. I got plenty of time to burn. Leave a comment below or send me a note.
I'm looking for someone with time to spare to do many femslash couples. These are going to range from simple and fluffy, to sexual. (But not porn)

I got points, but I want MANY PICTURES, NOT ONE. (People seem to ignore that and post information wanting 1K points for subpar work by my standards.) I'm also willing to trade with you. I can do...semi-decent artwork and really good writing by my standards. We can mix and match using points and trading, or just focus on one term of payment.

I also take commissions.

Mr. Bland's Commission Sheet by BlackEyeHawk

The prices here can be adjusted, they ain't exactly set in stone.

I'm open to many, many ideas and is willing to try anything.

Ask any questions here, on my page, in a note, whatever. I got plenty of free time.
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