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PC: BlackEyeHawk by landiddy

As the guy who asked for this, I feel like it's only fair if I do a critique. I have no real reason for my support of this couple, outs...

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She felt a bit cold. Weird, most people would call her mad and kindly remind her that the summer sun produced intense heat and not a shivering chill. Perhaps the new swimsuit she wore made her feel this way? Usually the feeling of putting on the summer’s next big fashion hit was the feeling of pleasure, comfort, sexiness, and having all eyes on her at all times. But this number made her feel uneasy, uncomfortable, and perhaps drew a little too much attention.

Brit recalled when she was excited to have a body that could support a two-piece outfit. Her curves really were placed on display whenever she strapped on the finest fashion that season had to offer. Her breasts and butt really looked damn good in whatever she put on anyway, so putting on a sexy swimsuit only added on even more power to her.

Seemingly after becoming girlfriends with Jenny gave Brit a reflective look upon herself. But that might have not been the best idea. Brit’s fragile mind couldn’t comprehend the idea of inferiority, be it to herself or about others. A multi-color floral print Brazilian-cut two piece bikini wouldn’t seem like much to the average eye, but the well-trained professional eye could tell that the piece came from Dynamite Lady’s 2015 Summer Special by Francesca Voltaire. Made from the finest fibers and hand-woven. Cost as much as a next-gen video game console.

Jenny loved the swimsuit of course. She whooped and hollered about how sexy Brit looked and Jenny would joke about how proud she was to earn such a prize. (Putting on her best ‘brah’ voice) Jenny’s swimsuit consisted of painting her metal exterior red and orange stripes and reshaping the new blades of armor into slimmer pieces while pushing out her chest and rear to really show off the control of her body.

“You likey?” Jenny started to slowly dance and gyrate her torso on the hip joint in front of Brit. “I can make them bigger…” She blew a kiss as she turned her torso around so she can inflate her rear as a point and started to shake what her momma made for her. (Or rather, what Jenny later snuck in during a check-up.) “…or smaller, if you prefer.”

“Average is fine for me…” Brit trailed off. Of course she enjoyed bigger things. At this point in the relationship, Brit felt completely comfortable in finding Jenny to be sexual and attractable being. It didn’t matter if she were cast from metal and wires rather than flesh and bone. Even if Jenny didn’t have her winning personality, her easily changeable body would win Brit over. Feel like playing with something squishy? Literal balloon breasts or balloon butt! Brit could play out whatever fetish she wanted; try it out to see if she actually enjoyed it. Then again, Jenny’s personality is what attracted Brit to Jenny in the first place, (That and the whole saving her life thing) so that last statement is rather pointless.

“Third beach, and we’re still going!” Jenny shouted to the world as she exited the hotel. Summer vacation offered the couple a chance to escape from Brit’s parents and enjoy themselves as adults. On good faith, Brit had been given a half of a million for her to go and see the world in preparation for her entrance into college and adult life. Her parents would take the money back if they saw Brit hang out with any robot for more than a minute in a manner not related to work. After hearing that from Brit over their secret communication line, Jenny worked a all-nighter to fix up the human exo-skeleton so it would drive her mad (…again!) so she could blend right in and pretend to be a good friend of Brit. Whenever Jenny spotted or detected one of the Crust’s family agents, she would put on the disguise and auto-tune her voice into a bubbly valley girl to ward off the agents.

“We should visit a city next.” Brit simply stated. “Do a little shopping?”

“Wherever and whenever you want!” Jenny proclaimed as she kissed Brit on the cheek and dashed off into the sky to dive into the ocean. Brit stuck her hands in her jacket’s pockets and followed Jenny below to the beach. Place was fantastic. Clear sea, fine sand checked every four hours for trash and cleaned, plenty of space, and plenty of refreshments.

And yet Brit still felt down.

Why did she feel so worn down? So tired and sad? She had no reason to be this way! She was going to a great college that would offer her a chance to take a great and prosperous future and make it a reality, she had a super-heroine for a girlfriend who Brit had a great attraction to her, she had a entire summer to explore the world at her own leisure and have as much as fun as she wanted…she should be playing it cool and enjoying herself!

Brit spread out a blanket and laid down. Not because she wanted to tan, because she didn’t feel up to setting up a umbrella. She just wanted to lay there out in the broiling sun and just stay there. Brit rolled around for every so often for no other reason but to move her body around. The only thing to escape her mouth was a sigh to herself.

Jenny enjoyed herself however. She dived under the surface to explore the ocean floor. All the colorful fishes swam away from her, keeping to themselves at a safe distance. The bigger creatures went about their business as usual, ignoring the metallic humanoid swimming freely in their domain. Jenny’s eyes flashed several times to capture the wonderful and various flora and fauna she spotted. Jenny figured that Brit wouldn’t be all that interested in sea life, but maybe Jenny could coax her into it. Like…selling huge portraits of the sea floor! Yeah!

Jenny went up to check up on Brit down on solid ground. She had at least expected to spot Brit drifting freely on a inflatable raft tanning with a tall glass of exotic juice, but Jenny instead noticed Brit hadn’t even left the beach and barely moved far from their hotel. Jenny touched down and looked at Brit, who didn’t acknowledge Jenny’s arrival.

“Something wrong?” Jenny asked, bending down to look at Brit’s face. Eyelids were halfway closed and mouth had a constant frown plastered on. Brit looked like half-dead. Jenny rapped a finger against a cheek, watching the flesh bounce. “Brit? You…okay?” Jenny transformed her other hand into a scanning device. A quick showing of Brit showed her to be physically healthy, outside of getting a little too much of a tan. Jenny quickly whizzed back to the hotel and picked out a umbrella. Setting it up, Jenny slapped Brit a few time. That got her out of a daze. “What’s wrong, Brit?”

“Nothing.” Brit remarked. “There’s no problem. I’m fine.”

“You know that means you’re not.” Jenny stated, hands on her hips and concerned. “Please tell!”

“Honestly.” Brit sighed. “I don’t know. I just feel…” She took a breath to figure out what she needed to say. And she didn’t find that. “…I don’t know. I feel cold and lifeless…like a zombie…”

“And this vacation is making it worse, huh?” Jenny asked, Brit confirming with a nod. “Wanna try something different then?” Jenny pressed on her chest and the monitor appeared. “We could try something more energetic.” A display of a green forest and a background mountain appeared. “Like hiking or camping?” Brit merely shook her head. “Okay…” The image changed into a cityscape. “You wanna leave the beach and enjoy a day in the city.” Again the head shook ‘no’. “Something not so physically demanding then?” The screen flickered and showed a small resort. “Sauna, massages, heated pool, live in the lap of luxury?” Brit’s response changed, a weak nod. “You sure?” Jenny asked to be certain. Brit responded with another weak nod. “Okay…” Jenny trailed off as she picked Brit up and delivered her back to the hotel. “Dry off and I’ll get our things packed.”

Brit went into the bathroom and undressed. Not that she really needed to; she didn’t go into the water and the only dirt on her was sand on the bottom of her sandals. Still, she felt relaxed now that she was out of her suit. She might not wear it ever again.

The resort promised a lot from what Jenny blabbed on about, just reciting the information on the website. Brit did enjoy these sorts of places, and the fact that it had pudding did make things better. Besides, she could go off radar for a bit and avoid run ins with her parent’s agents. If they asked where she went to for a week, she would say that she went to a resort wanting peace alone. They might not buy it, but Brit would be able to point out they had no evidence to prove that Brit and therefore can’t push her out of the family estate…again.

Still, Brit couldn’t shake the feeling that she felt something wrong. No explanation and she couldn’t shake it off. She felt a bit warm with Jenny right next to her, but that was just the jet engine giving off heat through Jenny’s chest.
High school graduation…wasn't anything special. Brit and Jenny had already guessed the whole ceremony wouldn't be memorable, but they didn't expect it to be so boring. Even the more studious kids were pulling out their cellphones to pay some games as the staff made some lame speeches and recite them with stale voices. Almost like nobody wanted to be here…

"Are you sure you can't set up a hologram and make it look we're paying close attention when in reality we're playing a game?" Asked Brit after nudging Jenny.

"It's too hot for me to run a workable hologram." Jenny groaned. "If I did use it, people would be able to see the two of us being really wavy. We will be in a lot of trouble…" She then flashed a cruel smile. "And they might make us start over…"

"Can I have a soda then? It's hot out…." Brit waved her paper fan back and forth to keep herself cool under the summer sun. Jenny opened her chest cavity and pulled out a ice-cold beverage and handed it to Brit. She snatched it and quickly downed half of it with one deep gulp. Brit didn't thank Jenny that time, nor did she when Jenny provided the fan earlier.

The heat really made the already slow event even slower, bogging down everyone with intense beams from the sun that not caused the poor students to start melting thanks to the thick robes they wore but also buffeted the people at the podium with thick rays. The students that brought sunglasses were being hassled by others so they could borrow their shades. Jenny would have cooled down the entire stadium using the multiple fans inside of her, but she had been warned to stay in her seat. Apparently the teachers wanted to 'make the kids go through the same experience as them.'

So Brit didn't get all the awards she expected nor did she get the honor of valedictorian. But she did pass and at least got a few credits for college. Jenny passed with flying colors of course. Tiff barely made it out, though going by some chit-chat Brit overheard the other day there might have been a few points added on thanks to a few extra loose dollar bills. Tiff opted to sit further away from the two, while Jenny managed to get her and Brit the cooler seats. While Jenny could endure levels of heat equal to standing on the sun, she could see on all the human's faces around her that they were in pain.

"Jenny, I'm going to die." Brit moaned. "Jenny, save me."

"You might faint, but you wouldn't die." Jenny mechanically replied.

"That's not a good thing…"

"Sorry, but just endure it for now. We got only about half a hour left…"


Jenny jumped onto her feet as she rushed up onto the stage to receive her diploma. Seeing how she accomplished so much, the diploma was stacked! Jenny held up her diploma so her mom could take a snapshot before returning to her seat. After sitting down, Brit held her normal diploma up weakly and allowed Jenny to tip hers like a wine glass.

Brit survived the whole way through the rest of the ceremony, even the final words. Once the students were allowed to leave, Brit jumped into Jenny's arms as they flew off back to Jenny's home where they would spend the rest of the day under the powerful fan in Jenny's room. Brit had lied to her parents that she would spend the rest of the day following graduation going around town. Tiff would be preparing for her three-month long cross-country bike tour, so she wouldn't be spying on the two anymore.

"Sweet bliss." Brit moaned as she flopped onto the bed and let the fans ease her reddening skin. "Oh, Jenny, of all the times you decide to play by the rules…"

"Hey, it's the last day of public school, might as well leave with a good impression." Jenny started as she removed her gown and hat and tossed them into the closet to be forgotten for the rest of time…or until next Halloween if Jenny wanted to be a wizard, a friar, artistic view on how America views the education system… "After all, you're talking to the robot who has caused massive mayhem before and has destroyed parts if not all of the school before."

"Ah, you weren't that bad." Brit yawned, a terrible combination of tired and hot. "You were young then. And so I was, and I was an asshole. Remember? I nearly got you kicked out of school thanks to "

"I got over it a long time ago." Jenny scoffed as she joined Brit on the bed. "So! College plans?"

"Jenny, we just escaped the final choke of high school, please don't inquire about my plans to strangle myself some more right after." Brit groaned as she pressed a thumb on her forehead to either relieve and/or forget.

"Hey, we got a summer to think out those things!" Jenny spread her arms out. "And hey, nothing stopping your parents from letting me from joining at the same college! And even becoming dorm-mates!"

"Nice thought, but unless you can afford Highvard, there's no way you'll be joining me…"

"Hey mom!" Jenny opened her chest cavity and brought forth the familiar monitor to contact her mother, still at the graduation attending the small party for the adults. "Is it possible for me to go to Highvard for college?"

"Well, I used to date the current headmaster and I got a few extra dollars in my account to make it look good on paper…any reason you want to go to that crappy, preppy craphole of a school?"

"Brit's going!"

"Yeah, yeah, I figured." Nora yawned. "All right, I'll get a few things arranged before summer's end. Remind me later, would ya? I got other things on the backburner…"

"Thanks mom, you're the best!" Jenny hung up and rolled over to face Brit with a goofy smile.

"You have it way too easy." Brit remarked with a sigh but smiled back.

The rest of the day just got filled up by the two just relaxing in Jenny's room, as previously stated. Brit recovered fast and regained her more positive attitude as the cool wind reenergized her. As the sun dipped down, Brit realized she would have to return home soon. "My parents are still suspicious of me." She gave as her answer. "And yes, I checked for bugs before leaving."

"See you tomorrow?" Jenny asked after kissing Brit on the cheek.

"Tomorrow." Brit confirmed and left with a wave to the two Wakemans. As she came up on the steps of the front door, the headache from before returned. Being around assholes will inflict a great number of headaches; as stated in some scientific journal Brit had skimmed through while in the waiting room of the dentist. One good thing about living with her mom and dad was having medical insurance.

She entered into the house without a fuss. She said hi and announced her arrival home. Her parents responded in kind. Tiff ignored her. Tiff had scourging around the house looking for anything useful on her trip out across the world. Brit hit the fridge and pulled out the bowl of left-over coronation chicken and filled up a smaller bowl of the stuff and went up to her room with a glass of iced tea.

Being around her family again gave Brit a chance to think about things she didn't want to even consider any more. Whenever it came time to spend some quality time with the beloved people who birthed her, such as meal time, they would 'subtly' remark about various things in Brit's life or what they referred to as 'past'. Such as Jenny, how Brit nearly failed her classes without the aid of the 'calculator', Highvard standards were addressed and mentioned that she would need to conform to those standards if she so wished to belong there…a bunch of stuff that tended to fall into 'Brit sucks' territory.

And she started to believe in it a bit. Jenny had been carrying her so far…just how long would she continue to be dependent on her? Brit picked away at the bowl for the actual pieces of chicken. What had Brit done for Jenny besides yell at her and constantly depend on her to solve her problems? Yes, the whole relationship started when Brit managed to kill that Krakus…quite a feat! Killing a literal walking trash can! Give Krakus a few more seconds and he would have a sudden heart-attack that would just end him!

Brit pushed the bowl aside and stared at her new journal. She got this one to write down ideas that would allow her to become more successful than her parents, but the contents were sparse and unfinished. And worst of all? They were generic ideas! Brit needed something inspired and new to really kick her parents in the ass!

But not today. And maybe not for a while. Her head felt empty and the ideas were bouncing around too fast to read them. She laid down on her bed and let her eyes close. Slumber came in fast. But instead of pleasant dreams or the better nightmares, she instead found her flying through dark clouds of doubt.

She did hear one thing that almost awoke her in her sleep. A tiny electronic chirp. Nothing like what Jenny sounded like...
Lisa (BY ATOMICTIKI) by BlackEyeHawk
"Yup, I am she, the child of Lina Inverse and Naga the White Serpent! What? Non-canon? I'm not non-canon! W-wha-t? I have both purple and amber hair! It's not fake!"

Uncolored version done by :iconatomictiki:
Rukia’s thoughts went somewhere weird as she walked to work. She thought back to her time in the world of the living, when she lived with the Kurosaki family. She would end up watching several different episodes of several different animes, but she saw a familiar trope being played. The protagonist(s) would often run off late for school with a slice of sliced toast glued to their lips. Different methods and qualities of animation, different genres, different character designs, different settings, and yet they all had a scene of someone running with toast in their mouth!

Of course, if she had context instead of just walking into the room and seeing the toast scene she would know that most of the shows were parodying the cliché.

But Rukia couldn’t help but think about the scene. She then envisioned herself doing it; waking up late and noticing the time, quickly making a eggroll and stuffing into her mouth right before tearing out of the door and making tracks towards the 13th Division with her breakfast flopping all around and various pieces falling off and hitting the ground. It would look so ridiculous! And maybe even impossible with some food. Byakuya would call her back and give a long lesson on etiquette before letting her go off to work. And how would she even eat the damn thing?

“Hey, watch out!” Rukia snapped out of her head to be pulled into twin round and fluffy pillows. Out of the danger, she expected to be released from the hold. But there she remained trapped in Rangiku’s breasts. A two-handed push got her free. “Argh!” Rukia let out a groan. “Now what Rangiku…”

“You were about to run into that spear.” Rangiku pointed to the weapon shopkeeper who looked to be a uncomfortable mixture of great concern and aroused enjoyment. Indeed, the man held up a spear that looked to be originally placed in a rack that stood close to Rukia’s height. Rukia looked down to notice that the bottom of the rack had recently been snapped and the spear would have been bent over.

So…Rangiku…just saved…her life.

“Thank you, let’s go.” Rukia pushed off with a very curt response.

“Don’t I get a thank you?” Rangiku immaturely asked. “Like a kiss, hug, a cookie…”

“I already thanked you, that’s enough.” Rukia groaned, continuing her path through the weapon shop towards the 13th Division. “I won’t nod off this time.” She plainly stated. Rangiku pouted for a brief second before following. She too started to think about something that would cause her to walk off in a wayward direction and possibly towards certain pain. Seems like Rukia had infected Rangiku.

Rangiku pondered the mysteries of life and how life first came into existence; how humanity shaped itself from the slime and formed into their current shape…well, actually she considered the current state of relations with her new girlfriend with Rukia. While Rukia thought Rangiku’s attraction to her was apart of some scheme or just her having fun, Rangiku honestly developed feelings for the Kuchiki lady. Unlike Rukia, Rangiku remembered that night very well. She remembered every single detail very well.

And she wanted more. She wanted more of the petite girl’s body.

“Watch it.” Rangiku let out a loud ‘ouch’ as she was pulled by the hair towards solid ground. This accident would have been Rangiku falling into a pond; a less than dangerous fate than what Rukia had to face. Unless the pond contained flora and fauna that attacked intruders on sight, than the only danger Rangiku would had to face would the problem of walking to work with soaked clothes. Not that she hadn’t already…

“Thanks!” Rangiku profoundly thanked despite Rukia’s rather cold method. Rukia muttered under her breath as her response. Rangiku continued to follow behind Rukia like a stray dog would. Rukia tolerated the whole thing.

Their first day at work as a ‘couple’. There will be hijinks, there might be cake and coffee, and if Rukia is lucky she might get a break.
Lindel twisted her left arm back into her socket. Twice this week had it fallen out and made her look silly in front of her friends. Elwanda didn’t have time or resources to make spare parts for her daughter every time they became loose or fell out. So far, she had these arms and legs for about…two years? Usually she got new parts every year in order to simulate the idea of growth. But with the move to Hallow Hill and her mother opening her own spell reagents shop, Lindel had to work with the old parts.

Sure, she made her own dolls, but those were small ones made out of things she could find all over the place. She needed life-size parts soon; otherwise she’ll have to learn how to work with her non-dominant hand. And those were expensive…

…she needed to scheme. A great money-making plan. Something that would get her lots of moola without much work and without having to spend too much. Lindel slowly rotated her arm around, checking to see if it would hold in. It did; though it did creek a bit and threaten to break loose. This scheme needed to come now and be done with fast. Picking up her umbrella, she went outside to ponder a few things.

The crisp air blew colored leaves into her thick black hair the moment she stepped outside. Brushing them off with a simple wave of her hands, she walked down the cobble-streets of Hallow Hill with no real destination in mind. Perhaps she would stop by the Malt Shop (As it was simply called) and get a smoothie to calm her nerves and help her think? As she turned down Jack Road into Dead Ben Boulevard, she became so lost in her thoughts that she ran into someone.

As this someone was the dead spirit Silvia, Lindel continued without regarding her.

“Hey!” Silvia shouted, getting Lindel’s attention. “Careful…you spilled my groceries.”

“I’m sorr-“ Lindel got out before turning around and seeing her floating friend. “Hey.”

“Lindel, is something wrong?” Silivia asked, a bit concerned. “You almost walked out into traffic.”

“I did?” Lindel gazed all around her, seeing no such traffic of grown vegetables carts or coffin taxis. “There’s no traffic here! At all!”

“That’s twice…” Siliva trailed off, holding up two fingers with a curvy smile. “Let’s see if I get you for three times fooled! But still, what’s on your mind?” Lindel groaned and pointed to her loose left arm.  “Coming loose huh? Ooo! Don’t tell me, don’t tell me…” She tapped a finger on her chin in thought, leading Lindel to wonder how the finger managed to bounce off the chin without passing through it. Transparency against transparency must equal solid somehow. “Your mom is too busy to work on it, you don’t have enough money to get a new arm, and you’re thinking of a get-rich plot.”

“Sums everything up.” Lindel sighed. “I got about…a couple months at best to get this fixed? Otherwise, Brittney will make endless one-armed bandit jokes the rest of my eternal life. I just know it!” She groaned out loud as imagined the werewolf girl just laying back on the wall and making stupid puns with every other sentence.

“Why don’t you go see Carrie?” Silvia put up. “Genius like her should be able…”

“…to replace my arm with a battery-powered rail-gun, no thank you, I want a normal arm with four fingers and a thumb. I could get a job…”


“…if my natural approach didn’t scare customers off. Yes, even in Hallow Hill, I can still scare people off. You got any good ideas?”

“Bake Sale!” Siliva declared out loud with great pride and joy.

“Great.” Lindel blankly stated, having already realized the main problem behind that just a few minutes ago. “And tell me, this bake sale? What do we plan on selling at this sale?” Lindel stated into Silvia’s invisible eyes. IF she could see it, Lindel had just spooked the ponytail spirit.

“Uhh…cookies, sweets?”

“Cookies, yeah.” Lindel coughed on purpose. “And tell me, do you know how to make cookies?”

“I’m…” Silvia tapped two fingers together. “…pretty sure it’s not that hard…b-but I’m pretty sure one of our friends or parents know how to. How hard can it be?”

“So you don’t know what goes into cookies?” Lindel further asked before out right shooting out various inquiries. “Milk? Flour? Sugar? Bread crumbs? Chocolate chips? Corn?” Silivia backed off a bit, looking the other direction. “…perhaps you put warm water into them?”

“Okay, so we’ll ask for directions!” Silvia pouted. “Ask a baker or find a cookbook!”

“Great, so then we’ll know what we need and how to use properly!” Lindel cleared her throat. “Now then. Do we have all the ingredients? Wait, better, do we have enough of stuff to actually make plenty of cookies to sell? Will it be enough to make a positive profit? And can we get enough customers to make the necessary amount of money to continue selling cookies? Remember, we need to make the cookies good enough to eat AND swallow!”

“So you’re saying it’s a bad idea?” Silvia summed up with a terrified tone.

“No, it’s a good idea.” Lindel shrugged. “For people other ourselves.” She moaned out before sitting down on a bus bench. “I need a idea! Something that will get me the money I need without too much hassle or without spending too much…”

“Battle of the bands?”

“Good idea, but Fangillia is tone-deaf. And we still need to set up the stage, get the necessary sound equipment, create enough flyers to get people interested as well as the tickets and make them evenly priced so people will actually buy them, find enough bands to participate, and maybe we’ll break even…”

“Oh. How about joining the monster scouts? Get the equipment…”

“…still need to get the cookies and sell them to the town of people sick to death and again of cookies, and we have to give up some of the money back to the Monster Scouts…”

“Okay, okay okay…how about a stupid lemonade stand? You need lemons, water, sugar, ice, pitcher, a big box and a sign.”

“We need a permit.”

“AGH!” Silvia finally gave and flew all around in crazy circles. “You’re hopeless!”

“Actually, I do have a better idea.” Lindel finally admitted. “We could hold a haunted house sell.” Lindel shrugged. “We have a lot of junk laying all around, should be enough to afford the extra parts I need and whatever else the others want.”

“Wait.” Silvia caught onto something and pointed a finger at Lindel. “You want us to sell off OUR stuff for your need? I understand this is like surgery for you, but knowing how these things usually go, we’ll go through a huge hassle to get the money only for your mother to surprise you with a new body!”

“Evidence.” Lindel simply reminded of her first meeting with Silvia and her friends.

“Fine.” Silvia reached into her letterman’s pocket and pulled out her cellphone, rapid-firing dialing out a message for a meeting. “Let’s go to the Malt Shop and meet with the others to discuss this haunted house sale.” She glared at Lindel on their way to the place. “When are you going to get rid of that video?”

“Soon.” Lindel promised with the addition of a chuckle belonging to a person who plays with promises like a toy.
So, I got depressed in May over people not celebrating my birthday. Sure, I didn't tell anyone about it, my fault entirely. But it annoyed me when people I followed out-right demanded birthday gifts and acted like greedy brats.

So...I had a wicked idea. How about a half-birthday art jam?


1. The art must be half. What kind of half? Any kind of half! Half-finished, half-inked, half-colored, half-shaded, half-assed, half-whatever. The picture must have something to do with 50%.

2. It's up to you what you do half-way. Can be a comic, a single-panel, a poster, whatever. The subject matter can be anything, be it birthday-related or not. (It's my half-birthday). Check my favorites/gallery for ideas if you so want. Just keep it dA-safe.

3. DUE DATE IS November 27th.

It's weird, but I'm into weird. So if you got free time and you get inspired by something stupid I did, feel free to participate.

Fem!Cap wishes you a happy birthday! by Artismous
By :iconartismous:
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