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As the guy who asked for this, I feel like it's only fair if I do a critique. I have no real reason for my support of this couple, outs...

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The next game would be Heather’s last. Her VS Gwen in a race through a haunted house. Sure, Heather knew that the spooks would be Chief and the unlucky and unpaid interns in cheap disguises, but Gwen’s instincts and her deep lore for all things macabre would mean she would get to the end of the maze in record time. Plus, as far as Heather knew, Chris sprung for actual horror instead of the usual imitations he would get for the challenges.

So she would have to cheat to win this one. Heather couldn’t afford another defeat.

But how would she go about it? Sabotaging the maze itself was far from the realms of possibility. How would she insure that the parts she fixed wouldn’t end up harming her own performance and giving Gwen even more of a distinct advantage? Plus, if she were to be caught or even seen on that set, she would be kicked out of the game entirely. So screwing with the house itself was out of the question. And there’s no way of bribing Chris. He would take the bribe and then cheat so Heather would lose…because the dude is a massive dick to everyone. Plus she didn’t have anything to bribe him with.

So Heather would have to fix Gwen somehow. Gwen wasn’t stupid and she wouldn’t fall for simple tricks. The sabotage would have to be indirect…but would make the goth girl lose focus? A black notebook filled with brooding poems? A magazine about horror? No, the distraction would have to be something longer-lasting and something that Heather could procure on this island. Heather racked her mind for possible solutions to her petty problem. What…or who…could distract Gwen from obtaining victory…

“Heather, my outfit!” Lindsay called out, breaking Heather out of her internal thoughts. “You just spilled your orange juice all over it!” Lindsay bemoaned as she lifted the bottom flap of her shirt and tried to wring the juice out. “I hope it will come out.”

“Lindsay?” Heather smiled. “I’ll do you two favors if you do me one, small one…”

The day of the event came around, and Gwen felt a bit nervous seeing Heather smile like that. She looked…calm and ready. Gwen noticed Heather storming off after the announcement of the challenge and started to get a bit paranoid just what Heather had planned. She focused so much on Heather’s stoic stance that she ended up ignoring Chris’ instructions on the game. But she already gotten the general gist of it: first one to make it to the end of the maze wins. With the klaxon blaring, she dashed and made it inside first.

Gwen forgot about Heather as she enjoyed running through the maze. It contained exactly what she expected from Chris: plastic skeletons, old rotten bed sheets with two holes ripped out to make for eyes, a cheap fog machine clunkering out thin smog, and some cheap cobwebs that would have dissolve if exposed to the air outside. A few interns in dollar-store costumes jumped out of the obvious places that Gwen spotted. Behind set pieces, in the places where the dim lighting didn’t extend to, around corners. Gwen almost got on the floor and rolled around in lunatic-like laughter, but she had a game to win.

What did make her hair rise was someone following her. Regardless of the level of effort on display here, Gwen didn’t like being stalked. But wanting to scare them instead, she let her little stalker follow behind her for a bit until they were away from the other fake monsters. Gwen quickly rounded a corner and leaned against the wall. She waited until her unwanted follower walked to the corner and grabbed…

“LINDSAY?” Gwen belted out.

“Gwen!” Lindsay clapped her hands together. “I’ve been looking for you! I have to show you my new outfit!”

“Outfit?” Gwen quaked.

“Yeah!” Lindsay nodded, stepping back to reveal her new clothes. “Heather gave them to me! She said they were…"invisible to those uncultured in fashion and beauty." But you can see them, right?” Lindsay noticed Gwen’s big and horrified gaze. “Right?”

Apparently Gwen lacked the culture needed to see the clothes, because all she saw was Lindsay naked. Not a bad sight to see, given Lindsay’s shape, but of all the places for her to pop up naked in, this wasn’t one of them. Nice to know that Lindsay kept herself sparkling clean even while living on a island and going through many hellish challenges. “Gwen?” Lindsay asked, walking forward to the girl. Her big breasts bounced on the way. “You okay? Is my outfit that alarming?”

Gwen bit her lip as she couldn’t help but giving Lindsay the pervy eye. “You know…” Gwen sighed as she rested her hands on her hips. “I can afford one loss.”

The other campers waited about thirty minutes before departing to go off and do something else. Only Beth and Chief still remained on the bleachers, waiting for Gwen and Heather to make it out. Everybody assumed that Gwen would finish under ten minutes, run out with a bored look while Heather would finish much longer with darker pants than usual. But much to Beth’s surprise, not only did Heather come out first, but her pants weren’t as dark as she thought. Heather’s eyes were open and shot, but she had a smile on after not seeing her opponent anywhere in sight. Beth reeled back seeing a crazed Heather take her prize for victory today, a bath set, and giggling like a lunatic on the way to the showers.

“Now, what could have happened to the lucky horse who WAS supposed to finish first?” Chris boomed in his usual manner towards the camera. “Let’s go and find her!” He lead the camera crew inside of the house’s side door, leading to the staff room where the interns were all waiting around in their costumes. “Now then, my loyal armory of unpaid interns! Have you seen Gwen running about?” All of them nodded. “Okay, have you SEEN her?” They all nodded no.

Chris was about to make up a story about how the house was truly haunted and how Gwen would turn up in a week, but then he and everyone else could hear her giggle from the floor above, followed by the gigglings of a certain blonde, and then finished with bumping. Chris immediately caught on what was going above them and held a finger up to his lips so the camera crew would be quiet. He lead his crew silently up to the stairs to the second floor. The floor had been finished, but left unused for the challenge, having a gate blocking the only flight of stairs up. Gwen had picked the lock and threw the challenge by going upstairs for some reason.

“And here we have…” Chris whispered to the cameras as they snuck up on the door to the bedroom. “…the location of our missing contestant.” Chris gently pushed the door open to reveal the steamy scene of Gwen and Lindsay in a hotel bed, naked under the sheets and banging like animals in heat. Lindsay remained on bottom while Gwen dominated on top with her hands crawling all over Lindsay’s ample body features. “Now, this is TV!” He whispered, a bit louder than the last statement.

Heather didn’t get to enjoy her victory for long, for you see, it’s illegal to show minors naked on national TV. Chris got arrested for child porn, and the show was cancelled. Gwen and Lindsay’s parents grounded the two for a month, but Gwen was smart enough to trade phone numbers and usernames before they left to stay in contact. Heather would wake up every morning, and stare at her trophy sitting on a shelf. A empty basket once full of cheap bathing items.
Cosplay by BlackEyeHawk
This originally started as Brit wearing a dress version of Jenny’s flame paint, but then I chuckled as I realized I was drawing more of Yoko from Gurren Lagaan. So I went off and did that. And Jenny was meant to be Jotaro Kujo, but I thought it would be better if Jenny dressed as Courtney Gears.
Most, if not all, American kids grew of his era grew up with cartoons on TV. As such, usually a great deal of the ideals of a single person’s sexuality could be traced back to cartoon characters. People who watched Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and/or The Real Ghostbusters usually favored red-heads for instance. People who watched Animanics and/or a great deal of Disney cartoons usually had a preference towards the more furrier types of people. And yes, there’s a entire report on Filmation ‘gaying’ up the ‘poor kids of America’ but that’s either been debunked or ignored.

Frankie Foster too grew up on cartoons. Except on her world, she had to curtain her imagination, least it become alive and run rampant. Her grandma and her imaginary friend had to constantly warn and occasionally punish her whenever she brought into their reality a copyrighted character. Copyright lawyers and all that. Besides, you really don’t want a full-fledged superhero and supervillian battle in the middle of the living room; Frankie lost allowance for a entire year over that.

As a teenager going into the college years, Frankie’s thoughts were all over the place to make any imaginary friends real. Had to do the chores, keep the friends in order, tend to the ones that need assistance in some matters, (Thank god Herriman installed a auto-wiper for those without hands) help her grandma with her own problems, and take what she had left to hang with friends and do other important things. Honestly, given her current schedule, she hadn’t sat down and watched TV in about a year. Only glimpses whenever she went into the TV room. Seems like cartoons were getting better from what she seen.

And then…a little thing happened. When walking back to the kitchen to drop off the dirty plates from the games room, she turned into the TV room. The first thing she noticed was a DVD cover on the floor. Two dog-like men were on the cover, one a adult with a bowtie and the other a plucky youth. As she walked into the kitchen, she wondered to herself if she watched that show back then. Frankie stopped in front of the entrance to the kitchen to watch the TV for a bit. A big bully-like character is fuming and his SEXY, CURVY wife comes up to him…

…and it comes flooding back to her. Frankie’s face became beet red in two seconds flat. Her neutral smile became a wide and a bit too enthusiastic smile as she watched Peg Pete attempt to cheer up her husband and console her crying daughter. One of the smaller friends, one that resembled a cheap doll that a little boy saw in a store window, asked, “You okay Frankie?” Frankie came back into reality and quickly nodded before running off to finish her original duty.

That’s right, Goof Troop. They had just gotten the Disney Channel as part of their new cable package and Frankie eagerly wanted to watch Darkwing Duck like the rest of her school friends. But instead Goof Troop was on. So she, a little ten-year-old girl with no power over the channel setting, got to watch that. Sure, Darkwing was on next, but seeing a random episode of Goof Troop impacted little Frankie. Peg just shined like a lighthouse in the fog, you couldn’t help but see her and focus just on her.

Peg had brains; definitely the smart one in the family, if only to be outdone by her own daughter. And there’s no denying that Peg was a beautiful woman. Wonderful curves in all the right places; the breasts were clearly larger than they appeared on screen but those hips just wouldn’t die. If there were only more butt shots! Of course, these thoughts came a few years later as she entered the rough world of middle school. With the talk of sex going all around the campus, Frankie’s once admiration of Peg turned into lust. She almost got caught in class doodling a crappy-looking naked Peg.  Then again, she did hang out with a lot of boys…

…and then came the internet. Even in the infant age of online surfing, Peg porn was still common. And Frankie found plenty of it…and pleasured herself with it. First time was thirteen. A moment she didn’t find all that proud…and she felt embarrassed. Sure, the pic of Peg with big boobs and holding them up would make anyone splooge their pants, but she felt dirty. She closed the window and got off the computer. The following day, she vowed to never do that again…least she feared being discovered by her caretakers.

Peg just drifted out of her mind after that. Ten years later…and she returned. And the flame reignited inside of Frankie’s mind, so much so she had to rush out a excuse to go to her room and lay on her bed. Euphoria washed over Frankie as those simple days came over her. She jumped up to surf the web and found all new artwork of Peg that were published over the years she was away. She continued to surf the web and find all new Peg content, both of the safe variety and porn. At least she kept it in her pants…thought it did feel warm down there. Frankie slobbered, something she NEVER expected her to do. Damn, Peg still had it all these years!  And she couldn’t believe that she married that loser Pete! Frankie figured she would be the better choice…

…and know she was a grown-up, capable of making her own decisions…

“What shall we do tonight?” Asked Peg as she strapped on her bra over her DD cups.

“Oh, the usual, baby.” Frankie whistled as she observed Peg’s thonged ass and gave it a nice smack, with the sound carrying. “Tell me, what do you think about me giving you a massage?” Frankie raised two hands up and snatched Peg’s enlarged breasts with both hands before giving the two giant rolls a nice squeeze. “These suckers really must weigh you down.”

“Not at all!” The imaginary Peg replied as she giggled with Frankie’s groping. “I really do enjoy having these large boobs!” Peg turned around and kissed Frankie on the lips. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” Frankie admitted. Now horny, she pushed her new imaginary friend down to the bed. Might as well be late to work with a nice big smile on her face.

I hate doing this, I view this as greedy and selfish…but I felt alone last year, so I’ll do this to see what fish bite.

My birthday is May 27th. It’s also the same as AtomicTiki’s so consider giving the better artist a gift as well.

Honestly not expecting much, but hopefully people will get something for AT.

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Sylvin Wallace
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