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PC: BlackEyeHawk by landiddy

As the guy who asked for this, I feel like it's only fair if I do a critique. I have no real reason for my support of this couple, outs...

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The new ‘couple’ had a little trouble finding proper living arrangements. Rukia lived in a prestigious mansion that had it’s own river and a security force of ninjas. Rangiku lived in a simple apartment a few blocks away from her station. Obviously Rangiku wouldn’t be allowed inside the Kuichi without a proper invitation and she would most likely not stay long as Byakuya wouldn’t tolerate her presence. And people would get suspicious if the high-class Rukia constantly went off to a rather shabby shack all the time. So they had to find a compromise.

So Rangiku’s idea of a compromise lead her to asking Byakuya up front and personal to live at the mansion for a while. At night. After he had already gone to bed.

“Okay.” Byakuya yawned and turned over in his bed spread.

“Wait.” Rukia blankly stared at her brother-in-law. “That’s it? No complainants, no refusal, no demands, no extra conditions…just okay and she can stay here?” She expected him to remain as stoic as ever but she didn’t expect him to agree.

“She did say she lost her home in a fire.” Byakuya spoke as he yawned again. “Rangiku can stay for a few weeks…should be long enough for her to locate a new house and recover.” If Byakuya hadn’t been so drowsy when the two women approached him and given their flimsy-and-easily-checkable fake excuse he might have also noticed that Rangiku had drew Rukia into another choking hug between her breasts. Rukia had guessed this would be her life from now on; constantly making excuses for her brother and surviving the far more deadlier threat of being smothered by Rangiku.

“Thank you kindly mister Kuichi.” Rangiku politely stated as she placed a rather sloppy kiss on Rukia’s cheek.

“Can you handle the rest of the arrangements yourself, Rukia?” Byakuya asked, still massively tired. “I wish to get some sleep.” Rukia whispered a quick yes and Byakuya went silent as he finally got some well-deserved rest after a day of writing paperwork. Rukia and Rangiku snuck out before they continue their conservation they were having right before Rangiku just barged into Byakuya’s room.

“Can’t believe he bought that.” Rukia groaned.

“Can I see my new living quarters?” Rangiku asked with a mock polite attitude like Byakuya’s. “It’s been a long night and all…my place burned down and I…”

“You didn’t really burn down the place did you?” Rukia earnestly asked.

“I didn’t, all I just did put it on lease and moved out for about three weeks.” Rangiku held up a finger. “I predicted that Byakuya would at least give me three weeks before he got tired of me.” Waving her fingers around she added, “Maybe four weeks if I do all the chores?”

“We don’t have much chores around these parts…” Rukia then imitated Rangiku’s manner of speaking. “…cause we rich folks have people to do that.”

“Well, I’m poor, so does that mean I’m a servant of the Kuchiki family?” Rangiku huffed out a rather mean smile. “I really have gone up in the world. From starving hobo to lieutenant of the Gotei 13 to servant of the Kuchiki family.” Her smile faded as she raised a eyebrow in thought. “Huh. Ya think I would get paid more if I actually became a servant…”

“Enough.” Rukia gasped and stopped Rangiku short. “You’re a GUEST. You don’t have to do anything other than relax and pretend you’re looking for a home. And cover for the fact that Byakuya could very easily check to see if there was a fire at your place.”

“Ah, but will he find time to do so, let alone even care?” Rangiku lead Rukia down the hall with a hand gentle on her shoulder. “As long as I keep my head down and drink a little less than usual, I should be fine. Maybe I can win Byakuya over and convince him to stay here permanently.”

“Ha!” Rukia started to laugh. “Like-ke…hell he will!”

“No sense in not trying!” Rangiku playfully slapped Rukia on the back. “One day, we’ll be sharing rooms…”

“Speaking of that!” Rukia turned around. “We’re heading in the wrong direction. This is towards the backyard rather than the guest chambers.” Rukia sighed as she had to push Rangiku along the way towards the actual rooms. “And no! We aren’t sharing a room. And not even adjoining rooms. We haven’t developed that deep of a relationship yet...let alone a steady relationship.” Rangiku sighed as she realized she couldn’t retort to anything and let herself be dragged off to her new room.

The guest room offered a little bit more than your usual hotel room in the middle of the city. The beds were cleaned twice a week and the room smelled obviously like a bouquet of camellia flowers. Rangikus immediately made herself right at home by jumping onto her personal bed spread. Rukia turned right around and went through the door before being yanked back in by Rangiku. “What now?” Rukia groaned. “You need a tour of the room?”

“Aren’t you going to wish me good night?” Rangiku asked sincerely.

Rukia took in a deep breath before replying with, “Good night.” Finally being let go, Rukia darted over to her room and tucked herself in. The day was finally over and tomorrow might be even worse, so Rukia wanted to get as much sleep as possible. Sleep came to her eventually, but all she dreamt of were giant mounds attacking her and moaning…
I can’t describe my present situation without first going into detail of how I got here in the first place. Tho’ I can say this. I am no longer in my home nor on solid earthily ground no more.

Being locked up in my room made me antsy and fidget around as any normal person would be trapped within the same place. Little sunlight shone through the nailed boards and I had only a few matches to keep my lamp lit. But I feared I run out of oil long before I would run out of matches and be left in complete darkness for a long time. What’s preventing my father from just keeping me trapped within these walls after Davis had been dealt with? He could hold me here until he found a man for me to be wed to…and make the man promise to keep me in this room!

I needed a escape plan. It would be hard considering that the servants delivered food to me and I could the marching of soldiers just outside my home. While the only possible injury I could receive in this situation would be a large and dark bruise and would most likely be earned by my own hand. Or the soldiers outside would shoot me if they were inexperienced and had an itchy trigger finger.

I decided to stop thinking about ‘ifs’ and worry about the present.

Isabelle. The new servant girl. She listened to me and always worried about failing in her duties. If she came up to my room, she could give a message to Davis…

…I thought about that statement. My father kept me with my room out of fear that Davis would do horrible things to me. And going by what people said about him, he would indeed doing something possibly irreversible if I joined him on his ship. But going past the possible deadly fate, contacting Davis and arranging him to rescue me meant I would have to leave my home and my father and friends behind and live on a rickety ship for the rest of my shorting life. I would be hunted down my anyone that were after Davis and the navy would just write me off as a causality. Imagine that, the daughter of a navy officer, found dead on a pirate’s ship; cause of death being a cannonball tearing right through her chest.

But a life of adventure awaited me. Davis might pretend to be a gentleman…but there’s no stopping from using him to live my own life and enjoy the world.

I sighed as I sat down and drew out my stationary to make my letter. Isabelle would come with lunch soon, and after that I would start packing my essentials. Which of course included this journal.

Isabelle came back within a hour’s passing with another letter from Davis. This one seemed to be scrawled out than the last one. The plan would only need him and Simon to break me out; but I had to distract the guards first. A rather cruel suggestion came within the letter…but I had a better option than that. I still had my clock within my room, so I had to wait a few more hours within this dim domain before I could finally leave to somewhere some sunny…under the cover of night.

I couldn’t see the exact number of guards outside, but I knew how to get everyone’s attention in the mansion at once. The boards were made out of wood, and I had all this whale oil and matches…

A few splatters of the stuff and one lit match and soon a fire started to spread. I put on my most convincing scared face and shouted hysterically, “FIRE!” At the top of my lungs. Some of the maids screamed and the sound of people rushing up the stairs came pouring through the walls. I continued to wail as everyone came rushing into my room and staring at the fire.

“What happened?” My father asked all worried. As the people continued to look at the fire and tried to put it out by waving sheets at it, I grabbed my luggage and snuck around them, making sure to not make any noise on the way down. I passed by two naval officers carrying buckets of water, but they ignored in favor of the more present danger of the flames consuming the house. I didn’t start a big fire, just a medium size one.

As I pass through the doors to the outside world for the last time, I saw right ahead of me were Davis and Simon rushing towards the house among others to see the house billowing with smoke. “That’s not what I planned, girl.” Davis sighed. “But if it works…”

“We don’t have much time until they realize I left.” I calmly state as I handed Simon my bags. “Is your ship ready?”

“Aye.” Davis took my other bag as we raced towards the docks. “The navy has put a wee bit too much pressure on my clients, thanks to your dad, and our deals is over for now.” He groaned as he nonchalantly jumped over a few strewn cans fallen over. “We have no reason to stay in port anymore!”

“And I don’t want to live in that house anymore!” I loudly declared as I raced ahead of the two. I turned around to see that Simon seemed to having problems with my bag. Nevertheless, the three of us made it to the docks with little resistance…just getting past the crowds and avoiding any military figures that could recognize us on sight. I’m pretty sure a friend of mine, Claire, saw me running with a unknown stranger, but I could be mistaking her for someone else.

The Bleak Predator at a glance looked to be a very simple galleon. It only really stood out from the rest of the docked ships by the large figurehead of a bird that I believe is called a vulture. The men standing around it were loading it up quickly and some waved to Davis as he ran up to them. We ran up the plank and onto the ship. Both Davis and Simon tossed my luggage off to one side as they gave orders to quickly set sail with what they got so far. His crew protested but still worked on getting the ship ready for travel.

As we finally travelled away from home, I could spot a lone figure watching from the far end of the docks. My vision might not have been the best and thus I couldn’t see who it was…but my heart and mind told me it had to be my father going by the height of the figure. I might not have been able to see it, but I could tell that his eyes would haunt me deep down for a very long time…
A Voyage Into Infinity IV
For :iconslyth3rin: as part of our long-term trade!
I’m writing this behind my locked door. And I don’t mean the door lock, but behind a lock and chain. Outside my windows, my father is nailing boards across my windows alongside the servants. I hid behind my bed out of view, but I can still feel his thousand-yard stare piercing through the wall and my sleeping place. My room is losing light fast and I must write this entry with all the necessary details.

Today hadn’t gone well at all. Not at all.

I went out into town for a quick bite, at a place known for the Italian food. My father looked at me with a worrying look. Knowing my luck so far with Davis, my father had all the reason to be worried. Davis might act like a proper gentleman in public, but people painted him as a violent psychopath willing to kill anyone who dared to stray into his path. Having last seen him walk into my home and eat our bread, I opted to break this tradition before it got started and avoid the rapscallion today.

…I recall my mother remarking about how luck never worked for anyone who made declarations. I made a few too many and only three minutes from leaving my home…

“You be the new missus in Davis’ life…Francine?” Approached a man with a huge beard. He looked to have been working his entire life; going by his huge build, multiple scars and his whitening hair. I guessed this was Rogers, going by his direct attitude and his distinct beard.

“I’m not anyone missus, not yet, and especially not his.” I directly replied before turning right around and heading to my true destination. The ‘gentleman’ grunted and stood right in my place. “Are you that Rogers with the beard he mentioned?” I asked with a huff.

“Indeed.” Rogers coughed, some spit expelling out of his mouth and hitting the floor. “He must have told you about me. The spy story?” I nodded and turned to leave but Rogers continued to block my path. “Look, I know you care not for my presence right now, but at least allow me to deliver a message.” He handed me a rather clean letter and finally took his leave, heading down the docks.

I quickly read the letter, discovering the neat handwriting within. While the letter did finish with Davis’ signature, I had a hard time believing that a sea-worn scoundrel could muster neat and lined writing, let alone the ability to spell properly. The only believing factor of this letter had to be the lack of any higher-level words. Surprised he didn’t steal a thesaurus to write this stupid thing.

While the letter’s actual contents wasn’t anything to write home about, the most important part of the message was about how he planned a little meeting of his best crew today in the same bar we first met in; The Drunken Sailor. My father actually found the name funny despite his militaristic religion. I already met Rogers…so who else would I meet if I actually bothered to go there?

The second question that shot into my mind was…why did my feet direct me towards said bar? Standing there right in front of the door laid the smart-ass himself. Davis laughed and clapped his hand as he saw me approach. “Freddie!” He announced. “I knew you couldn’t resist me! But tell me, tell me.” He came up to me and looked over me with a puzzling look. “What drew you back to me? The thrill of danger, my looks…”

“I enjoy self-harm.” I politely returned to him. “My father knows about your presence in town. You’re walking on eggshells now.”

“I walked on broken glass once.” Davis shrugged, lifting his foot up to start removing his boot. I gave a quick glare to set him off the idea. “Well, okay. You met Rogers…and that’s enough for you.” He laughed out loud again, and slapped me on the back. If I remembered to bring my knife, I would have embedded within his leg. “Well!” He cleared his throat. “Let’s go meet the other two big men that help me run the ship!” He drew me into the bar and towards the back of the bustling building.

There sat two men. One around my age with a distinct lack of muscles and with very sickly blonde hair and the other one came from the east; possibly Chinese or either Japanese, my father never went that fat out east. This man was clean-shaved compared to his compatriots but still as rugged and deadly-looking. The first man looked at me while the second one ignored me.

“This be Simon.” He patted the thin man on the back. “Nimblest fingers on the seas. Leave nothing locked around him, he’ll find a way to open it.”

“Compulsive behavior.” Simon raised his hands in mock innocence. I wisely took a few steps back, thus making Simon chuckle. Damn that chuckle. It ringed through my head and I immediately knew it wouldn’t be the last time to be hearing that chuckle.

“He doesn’t like to speak more than two words either.” Davis cleared his throat again. Did he do this often? “And this chap?” He moved over to the foreign man and patted him on the shoulder. This got this man to look up and notice me. Big scary eyes this one had. Could pierce through the boards blocking my window. “This is…Charlie.” The man grunted, obviously not liking the name. “Charlie is our hand-to-hand expert…both in his hands and in blades. He doesn’t speak much.”

“Not in your language.” Charlie grunted. He turned around and ignored us once more.

“Yeah, but he’s a go-to man for Chinese as well.” Davis smiled. “For speaking and for fighting them. He slew more men than I ever did.” He sighed and sat down in a empty chair that Simon had pulled up. “These two I trust with my life and my secrets. And Rogers too.” He then grabbed Simon’s mug and downed it with little protest from the man. All Simon did was frown and shout for a second drink.

“What a band.” I simply commented.

“Indeed!” Davis roared. “Without these men, I would have died years ago!” His roaring laughter carried over to his men. Charlie kept his laughter down to a slight chuckle, but Simon and a few more men around us couldn’t contain the laughter being spread around by Davis. I kept quiet. I started to desire not being here anymore.

My wish became granted and denied at the same time. In walked two fully-dressed soldiers armed with bayoneted rifled who marched up to our table and stood there silent. From behind them came my father in his own uniform. He announced, “Ms. DeWitt, you’re to come with me.” Solid and could; my father had entered into his professional master-at-arms state. He continued, “ Mr. Davis, I request that you leave this town immediately. We will not pursue you for a week if you leave within the day.”

Davis’ reply? Another heartily laugh and a smart response. “Dear sir! I have rights as everyone! I haven’t committed any crimes other than making merry with friends in the middle of the day!” My father remained standing as a statue as Davis rocked around in his chair. But dad did react by grabbing me and taking me out of the bar and back home without a word to anyone.

Now I’m trapped in my house, and my room is blocked off from the world. My father had made it clear I’m not allowed to leave my cell until Davis has left…either in his boat or in a casket. I feel somewhat sorry for him. Most men would rather die in a battle, but he would die by the navy bombing him from afar. I’m not crying though.

But Davis or no Davis, I refuse to be trapped within my own room like some cheap wench. I will escape.
So, I got depressed in May over people not celebrating my birthday. Sure, I didn't tell anyone about it, my fault entirely. But it annoyed me when people I followed out-right demanded birthday gifts and acted like greedy brats.

So...I had a wicked idea. How about a half-birthday art jam?


1. The art must be half. What kind of half? Any kind of half! Half-finished, half-inked, half-colored, half-shaded, half-assed, half-whatever. The picture must have something to do with 50%.

2. It's up to you what you do half-way. Can be a comic, a single-panel, a poster, whatever. The subject matter can be anything, be it birthday-related or not. (It's my half-birthday). Check my favorites/gallery for ideas if you so want. Just keep it dA-safe.

3. DUE DATE IS November 27th.

It's weird, but I'm into weird. So if you got free time and you get inspired by something stupid I did, feel free to participate.

Fem!Cap wishes you a happy birthday! by Artismous
By :iconartismous:
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