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PC: BlackEyeHawk by landiddy

As the guy who asked for this, I feel like it's only fair if I do a critique. I have no real reason for my support of this couple, outs...

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Today was the big day. He planned for this for at least a entire month. Packed a backpack and everything.  Armed with two sets of clean clothes, and about five days of stolen meat from the fridge, Luffy was ready to set forth and explore the wide world in search of obtaining his dream: becoming a great pirate.

“Bye, Mom!” He shouted as he hopped down the front porch’s staircase and landed on the red brick road leading to the street. “I’m leaving forever to become a pirate!”

Robin Mugiwara waved her son from the porch, balancing herself against a support beam. ”Alright, have fun!” She shouted. “Be back by dinner!”

“Don’t worry, I will!” Luffy promised as he waved behind him as he took a right towards the docks. Robin shook her head as she watched one of her sons skip away without a care in the world on this sunny Saturday morning. She knew there was nothing in the world that could harm a hair on her poor boy’s head and went to get the early morning mail. She shuffled through the letters, seeing the expected bills, ads, spam…and a letter from Harvard? That alone made her forget the all-important water bill and made her open the letter and quickly read the contents.


She made a beeline back inside and towards the kitchen, following the sound of her elder sons arguing once more. Sanji really wanted Zoro to move away from the fridge so he could grab the next ingredients for his usual five-star breakfast. Sanji held his bowl with one hand and pushed forward with another, but the more bulkier Zoro just stood there sipping on one of the hundred sodas in the house. The only other person in the kitchen was Chopper, humming some tune he overheard his dad playing the other day while sitting down at the table and waiting for his meal. Nami must be waiting for Sanji to deliver her food to her room and Brook must be off in the attic looking for whatever the hell he suddenly remembered existed. Robin already knew Franky had already grabbed his breakfast several hours ago and was most likely downing his third cola while working on the SUPER car alongside his usual partner Usopp.

Having been around that man for over twenty years, Robin had a hard time saying or even thinking the word SUPER without saying it like how he would.

“Chopper?” She spoke up, earning the youngest immediate attention.

“Yes mommy?” Chopper immediately replied. Robin went around him and faced him from across the table.

“Chopper…” Robin then sighed right before placing the letter on the table over to him. “We received this acceptance letter from Harvard Medical School…” The moment those words left her mouth did the youngest in the family shift his eyes and head down and he started to kick his legs back and forth under the table. “…did you apply?”

Chopper sighed. “Umm…” A visible blush came over his entire face. “…maybe?”

Robin sighed, but smiled. “Tony, dear, you’re only eight.”

“But I passed.” Chopper moved his head and put on a big smile. “I’m a medical genius, so I would fit in in the one of the best colleges around!” At this point, Sanji had managed to retrieve whatever he needed from the fridge and started to sing a love song that he just made up. This made Zoro get the hell out of the kitchen, making Robin wonder why Sanji didn’t just do that in the first place.

“Chopper…” Robin thought of a good way of explaining this to such a young person. “We can’t afford it…” But to prevent Chopper from becoming crest-fallen, she followed up with, “But if you’re serious about going to Harvard, then let’s get you ready for it.” Chopper’s head went up and his eyes started to sparkle. “We can afford for you to work alongside the Drum Doctors once they return to town. They should teach you everything and more, and if you work real hard, they might even pay your way into the college!”

Chopper’s eyes went so bright you can swear he could fire actual laser beams out of it. Robin handed him the letter and he took and ran off into his room to hang it up on the wall. Robin made a mental note to call Harvard and explain the details to them. Maybe they would keep the invite open for a while.

A hour had passed, and Sergeant Smoker hadn’t called in about how that damn kid of hers had beat up another adult. Robin settled down in the kitchen with her usual cup of tea and her laptop to continue writing out her recent visit to the ruins of the fallen Skypeia. Usopp ran past her from the garage, followed behind by the mister of the house drinking his seventh cola today. He placed a kiss on Robin’s forehead, and she could feel saliva bubbling from all the carbonation flowing through his system.

“So, got to the best part?” Franky asked as he sat down in his favorite chair, the first thing he built when the two bought the house.

“It’s not organized chronologically.” Robin shook her head with a smile. “The Tale of Wyper and the False God will be placed later in the book.” She could hear the TV and game system switch on from the living room. Sanji told Usopp to move over and he wanted the first controller, the black one.

“But you could still write it.” Franky motioned with his hands and cola bottle as he spun out the chapter dramatically. “Armed with his ancient weapon, forged through hours of toiling, Wyper walked forward without a single ounce of fear in his soul and stood before the altar built by slavery and pointed his bazooka towards the false god, nonchalantly eating a apple…”

As the race between Sanji and Usopp continued, Nami strode forth into the kitchen, carrying a large ledge with her. Sanji once more gave a large hello to his favorite sibling, but Nami undauntedly preceded forward towards her parents and held out the ledger. The title of the tank book read: “A Sister: It Might Cost You More, But Here’s Why It’s Worth It by Nami Mugiwara.”

“Mother, Father.” She started her salespitch. “These brothers are too loud and disgusting!” She opened up the ledger to a page with different figures all laid out. “So I would lie to present the new yearly financial plan for the addition of one sister, please. ASAP.” The look on her face outright stated she was completely serious about this affair.

“WHAT SHE SAID!” Sanji yelled from the couch in the living room, turning around to do his usual ‘Ero-Cook’ pose, as dubbed by Zoro. Usopp took advantage of the distraction to slam Sanji’s character with a green turtle shell and claim a ten second lead. Sanji didn’t seem to notice.

“Oh dear.” Franky started to chuckle as he opened the fridge and quickly snatched the nearest cola for his eighth cola. “Nami, this is a SUPER report and all…but…we already had six babies. A seventh one would consume room as well…and what if the baby becomes another boy?” He flashed one of his usual smiles. “It’s not like genetics are like machine parts that be rotated to fit any purpose. And yes, I know about generic engineering, but we have a better chance of paying Chopper’s entrance into college.”

“But the ledger.” Nami protested, waving the ledger around. “And the numbers…”

“Nice try.” Robin put a hand into Nami’s head and started to ruffle around her hair. “But you always got your friends.”

“You won’t let me see them.” Nami muttered.

“Dear, Perona and Porche are new, and they have gotten into trouble before. Give them time to get adjusted and you can see as often you want.” Robin stated. Nami huffed, tucked the ledger under her arm and walked off to her room stomping. Franky finished off his cola and got into his next one.

“I think we could get a seventh baby if we didn’t spend so much on cola.” Robin remarked with her usual calm demeanor and smile.

“We get the good stuff in bulk and for cheap.” Franky said after chugging down the bottle. “Besides, it keeps me energized and working.”

“You would get the same buzz if you would get up at normal hours, eat healthier foods, and exercise.”

“Yeah, yeah.” Franky ignored her as he got his ninth bottle.

Robin sighed and decided it was time to get laundry done. She needed to go over her notes anyway back in her office. As she passed by Nami’s room, she opted to not peek through the gap and instead spoke out loud: “Nami, dear.” The sound of a window opening from inside Nami’s room came to a sudden halt. “You’re grounded for that.” A ‘eep’ came from the second lady in the house. “An extra month if you leave anyway.” She continued down the hall with her laundry basket. As she could hear the door creak open and Nami slowly return to the living room, Robin reached around to the back of her neck and faked pushing something in. Nami saw that and let out a small scream as she ran down the hall.

One of these days, Robin would just safely glue on a eyeball to really spook Nami.

The house went quiet, surprisingly. Luffy returned in the hands of the more nicer Officer Tashigi, who bowed to both Franky (Carrying his fifteen cola) and Robin, saying that their son just took down a robber. Luffy had already finished off the meat he packed so he went into the kitchen to nab a quick snack. As he tried to reach for the cookie jar, he could hear a conservation going on behind in the living room.

“I need a new swimsuit for Keimi’s party…” Nami commented as she read through her fashion magazine while lying down on the couch. Seeing how one of the conditions of her grounding was the temporary cancelling of her magazine subscriptions, so she needed to make it last.

“I can help.” Sanji smiled as he crawled up Nami. She kicked him with both feet; while it pushed him away it didn’t stop him.

“Unless you can get a permit for cheap, we can’t use your cooking skills without getting into trouble.” Nami brought up.

“Ah!” Sanji raised a finger. “Lemonade stands don’t require permits, and I can make lemonade that will make people fly!”

“I thought you hated making simple and sugary snacks.” Nami brought up, actually putting down her mag.

“I will shave my head and dance in the street naked for you.” Sanji got up and bowed.

“Do neither.” Nami sat up straight. “But, if we sold each cup around a thousand berries, I could afford that swimsuit and other stuff…” She started to snigger. “Hey…Luffy?” She turned around to face her brother, currently stuffed with cookies. “Could you make us…a cardboard robot?”

“Yosh!” Luffy shouted between the huge mound of mashed-up cookies. “Yesh! Ussoopp!” He went down the hall with the still stolen cookie jar in his hands. Franky easily swiped the jar away as he entered the living room, but as he walked into the kitchen to put the jar back he noticed something.  Being one of the taller people in the house, it was hard to ignore really.

“Zoro?” He turned to face his green-haired son as he was planning on leaving to go down to the dojo and practice swords with other kids.  Franky pointed a finger upwards. “Have you been using the doorframe for pull-ups again?” This stopped the first eldest son dead in his tracks. “Zoro, I built you a great exercise rig. Why don’t ya use it?”

“Well…” Zoro turned around, all for a brief second before bolting out of the door with his bag. Franky just sighed as he went to get his twenty-third cola to consider the best way to fix the doorframe. Maybe it was time to fully convert the wooden finishing in the house into metal…

Night time came, and Sanji had managed to sneak around both his parent’s backs to once set up a small party. He made it a habit to play all sorts of music in his room at night to create a routine and help cover the party-goers activities. Only Nami attended; the younger sons didn’t care or weren’t invited, and Zoro could give a rat’s ass. Tonight had going good for Sanji. Conis, that angel that sat next to him in Algebra II and Home Ec. had developed a interest in him and wanted to spend some time in ‘heaven.’ Holding her hand and keeping his cool, he went to his closet…


Oh no. Sanji groaned both out loud and in his head.

“You kids sure throw a good secret party!” Brook shouted, just to make the whole embarrassing event as announced as possible. “Want some different music! I found my old violin…”

“Gramps, get the hell out of the closet.” Sanji demanded. “And how the hell did you get in there anyway? I cleaned it out before the party got started!”

“Fell through the attic floor, you know, the usual adventures that a plucky young scamp like me gets into.” Brook opened the door and danced a little jig on his way downstairs. While Sanji didn’t fear Brook revealing the party to the actual adults of the house, he did fear that because his party goers would go back to school with rumors that would most likely embarrass him to each corner of the world.

But Conis giggled, kissed him on the cheek, and drew into the now vacant closet and everything was all right with the world.

Brook descended down the stairs, listening to the other people in the house. Luffy and Zoro snored while Robin quietly breathed. But as light as she sounded in bed, Robin would awaken immediately and beat her step-father senseless. But he could some old-time song coming from down-stairs and he followed it. Franky mindlessly patrolled the kitchen with his forty bottle of cola. Ignoring that, Brook turned towards the living room to see Usopp and Chopper watching a movie, being illuminated by the glow of the TV.

“Yohoho!” Brook announced himself to the delight of his grandkids and the annoyance of his son. “Oh, Pinnocchio! I remember when this film was in the theaters! I remember annoying the hell out of my parents to get me see the film every single day!” He plopped down onto the far end of the couch and got himself relaxed. Chopper laid his head down into his grandfather’s lap and Brook placed a hand on top of Usopp’s hand and patted his grandson’s head as they got to Usopp’s favorite scene…

The Blue Fairy explained to the caged Pinnocchio: “A lie keeps growing and growing, Pinnocchio, until it’s as plain as the nose on your face.”

But Franky didn’t hear the part. He hiccupped as the intense carbonation in his system bubbled over and made him a bit sick to the stomach. Sure, cola kept him and his business going and it got him this far…but will the eventual crash drag him and his family way past the starting point? He sat down and finished his bottle before gently settling it down on the table.

Recalling something from this morning, he dug into the trashcan and found the newspaper. He flipped to the ads and quickly scanned them. Thankfully, the ad he needed was still there and there was still time. He put on his old army engineer jacket, left a note on the fridge and went off into the lonely night. It took him six minutes to arrive at the community center and a extra two to get to the right floor and right room.

He stood in front of the door with the sign that read ‘Cola-holics Anonymous’. Sure, given his huge body build, bright blue hair that just shouted ‘expression’ and his pointed chin, he really wouldn’t be anonymous. But that was a petty concern now. Franky rested on hand on the knob.

“It’s for the kids…” He sighed as he went inside.

The day ended a bit differently than most days in the Mugiwara household, but still a normal day all things considered.
In the grassy clearing outside Hundredville, a old and tattered circus started to set up. Kids from the nearby school watched from behind the fence as the moth-infested tents got set up and the sounds of dilapidated music boxes filled the air. Most people would take a good look at the circus and turn away, but the prices were low and it had good reviews.

Eight-year old Jessie begged her parents to take out for at least on evening on Saturday. It took coaxing and begging, but after her mom earned free tickets at work the three went to see the wonders of Fantisma Circus.

The grounds of the circus were nothing special. Grass and tents with various machines all over. The air didn’t just have the familiar tracks of the circus, but also the hum of the generators keeping the lights on. Her parents raised their eyebrows on the quality and safety of the circus, but Jessie danced by herself as they went through the grounds.

A sizeable crowd had gathered around the main tent, and eventually Jessie got separated from her parents…much to the annoyance of her parents and the delight of the little girl. She was free! Free to explore all the corners of this wonderland without mommy or daddy telling her to stop! Jessie giggled at such a prospect as she let the crowd overtake her and allow her to sneak into one of the tents belonging to the tent performers.

The clowns, the dancers, the acrobats and the other performers didn’t seem to mind the little girl running around in their tent. Jessie looked on and watched as the performers readied for their main show in the center tent. If hadn’t been the first circus Jessie had ever been to, she would have picked up the macabre imagery being displayed. Dark colors in the shapes of skulls and bones and demonic tattoos being painted on, the costumes looked to be what the boogeyman would wear and treat like garbage, and a generally dismal mood in the air.

“Hello.” A tall man in a grey suit and a black top hat walked over to Jessie and tipped his hat. “What brings you back-stage?”

“I want to see the all pretty things!” Jessie spoke up. The man chuckled, but it grew into a bout of quiet sobs. Jessie then asked, with a puzzling tone, “What’s wrong mister?”

The man took some time to calm himself and dry his eyes of his tears. “Oh, my little child. There’s nothing pretty here…not anymore.”

“What happened?” Jessie then questioned.

“We used to be a actual circus.” The man started. “With working lights, a steady pay rate, good food, and healthily animals. We weren’t the best, but we were happy. A nice family we were. Performing for people all across the country, and even a successful and enlightening tour in Europe.” He cleared his throat and sat down on a suitcase that had been propped up. “We were happy.” He repeated.

But the tears returned. “But one of our stars got injured. Melanie Driver, our straight-face clown slash acrobat. She could pull off amazing stunts just by jumping off the ground with her bare feet. Even though she could pull the high ropes and the tight rope, she preferred the clown act. Guess it had to do with her father being a popular clown in his heyday.” Jessie had a hard time keeping up, but she nodded her head in understanding and silently asked for the story to continue.  

“But one night, our tightrope walker got…a little over his head…and we needed a fast replacement. Melaine could easily perform the tricks. I had to…coax her. But she removed the makeup and put on the spandex and got up to the top.”

“She fell?” Jessie filled in, having watched too many detective stories.

“Yes.” The man nodded. “She preferred being a clown because she didn’t like heights. She got dizzy, slipped and thankfully hit the safety net…but she twisted her ankle on the way down and the impact fractured her spine a bit. The show had to be cancelled, but at that point, that and Melaine’s accident were the only two things we had to deal with.”

“But Melaine resented us.” The man got up and walked over to a calendar and graced his fingers on it, recalling some powerful and painful memories. “She wanted to make kids laugh, not make them cry. She didn’t like talking about her fear of heights because she thought as long as she continued to be the best clown around, she didn’t have to bring it up. Whenever someone visited her at the hospital, she would be quiet and not say a single word.”

“So I went and visited her myself. I coaxed her into talking finally, but she had nothing but curses for me. Melaine didn’t want to work for us anymore, she didn’t want to work for us anymore, she didn’t want to towork for us…” A weird change came over the man as he continued to repeat the line with differing tones. A dancing girl came over and shook his head a bit, continuing to ignore Jessie’s invasion of the tent. As soon as the man stopped shaking, the girl returned to her seat to continue her rather messy makeup job.

“…she wanted to quit the whole profession. Hated the whole idea now, cursed her father. Having been good friends with her father, I got…angry and raised my voice. Our shouting match got so loud and violent, the hospital staff had to pull us apart and ban me from visiting her.” The man once sighed. Jessie suddenly realized that every time he sighed, he sighed the exact same way. The same emission each time.

“But the ban wasn’t necessary.” The man started to cry again. “By the next morning…she was gone. Tooktooktook…” Once more his head started to shake, and Jessie held her breath as she saw sparks fly around him. But he didn’t need someone to stop him; the man regained control. “Took too many pills. Our circus family attended a funeral with frowns instead of smiles!” And so he made a terrifying smile that made Jessie let out a quick shout of terror.

“But we needed her.” The man’s neck suddenly twisted in a way impossible for normal humans to do without breaking their own necks. “I needed her. So I dug her up. I removed those sensitive organs, the ugly flesh!” And the head followed the neck, doing a complete 180 right in front of a terrified Jessie, who backed away in silent terror. “I got discovered by strong man Brian, so I stripped him too. I stripped my entire circus on their ugly flesh and gave them the best gift!”

Jessie wanted to run, but her legs locked up in sheer fear.

The man stopped his little maniacal track and went back to crying. “You see, we’re all dead here. I had to strip myself. I can’t remember if I screamed or cried.” With nervous trembling hands, he went up to his face and dug his stubby fingers into the moldy skin and tore it away, revealing the grey metal underneath. “But I do know it hurt.”

“But we are happy here.”

A couple walked away from the old circus, having seemingly forgotten their reason to come here. When they got home, they found they had a empty room that could hold a small child in. It also appeared that several books had been removed from the shelves, and other items had also been removed and left behind obvious gaps. But they went on with their lives.

A week later, they felt a odd pang in the back of their heads when they saw a ad in the morning newspaper declaring the last day of the Fantisma Circus in town. A little dancing girl seemed familiar to the two of them.

But they made remarks about child labor laws and got back to enjoying their toast.
I'm looking for someone with time to spare to do many femslash couples. These are going to range from simple and fluffy, to sexual. (But not porn)

I got points, but I want MANY PICTURES, NOT ONE. (People seem to ignore that and post information wanting 1K points for subpar work by my standards.) I'm also willing to trade with you. I can do...semi-decent artwork and really good writing by my standards. We can mix and match using points and trading, or just focus on one term of payment.

I also take commissions.

Mr. Bland's Commission Sheet by BlackEyeHawk

The prices here can be adjusted, they ain't exactly set in stone.

I'm open to many, many ideas and is willing to try anything.

Ask any questions here, on my page, in a note, whatever. I got plenty of free time.
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