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PC: BlackEyeHawk by landiddy

As the guy who asked for this, I feel like it's only fair if I do a critique. I have no real reason for my support of this couple, outs...

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Work was no better. The one comfort Rukia had to hold onto was that she and Rangiku worked in separate buildings. So Rangiku wouldn’t try to play the sexy secretary the entire time and try to use a photocopier to make pictures of her large ass…impossible anyway given the fact that the Soul Society didn’t have a photocopier.

But the biggest problem wasn’t the fact that Rangiku wasn’t around, the problem is that she isn’t. With her nearby, Rukia could at least control the busty blonde. But with her running loose around the Gotei 13 buildings, she could break the promise and tell everyone what happened. When the idea came to her, Rukia froze in place; pen trapped between her fingers and her thumb, one leg extended away from her desk and preparing to go get some more paper, and her face stunned in shock. Her fellow members of the 13th Division decided to not question her at all and continued performing their tasks at hand.

Once Rukia managed to realigned herself back in her chair, she dropped the pen and considered her options in case Rangiku decided to take a leak…I mean, leaked. (Doesn’t even make sense…) If Rangiku did spread a rumor around about the affair, the news would catch on like fire and within the hour everyone around would know the whole story, along with a few extra details. So how would Rukia keep plausible deniability and make people believe her? Denying it outright would just make people not believe her. Perhaps using sarcasm to first ‘confirm’ it and then yell out loud that she didn’t do it? Maybe making up a counter-rumor would help, make it sound like Rangiku did some pathetic and made the story about sleeping with Rukia to cover for it. Would just telling people to expect Rangiku spreading a silly rumor be too paranoid to pull off?

Rukia tried to focus on her work, but for some reason she kept thinking about butts and boobs. She wanted to think about work or at least penises, but Rangiku’s large and in-charge assets kept intruding into her mindspace. Rangiku truly really barged into Rukia’s life!

Then came her break. Rangiku asked for Rukia to join her at the park for lunch on her. Being seen together wouldn’t be the problem, the two had lunch before and at least were friends before. The problem would be how Rangiku would treat her to lunch. Dressed as a maid? Get naked and covered her body with sushi…or maybe ice cream and chocolate sauce. Maybe it would be so bad as…breast milk…

“Maybe I should cancel…” Rukia muttered to herself on the way there, hoping to spy Rangiku ahead and not earn her attention. “Just say I got sick and had to run off to get medication. Yeah. I got sick from her food! That would prevent her from making me more stuff…” Rukia trailed off, thinking about breakfast. The tamagoyaki sat well in her stomach; she didn’t feel bad actually. A bit plain, but a little work…

…no compliments for the woman blackmailing her! The hell you thinking? Absolutely not. Rukia pushed her arms down in fury as she stomped her way into the park. Young parents and their kids got out of her way very quickly.

For once, Rukia got it right; Rangiku had dressed up as a sexy French maid and waved over for Rukia, who stood behind a tree. With no other choice, Rukia trembled over to her and sat down next to her ‘girlfriend’. At least the bench Rangiku picked out was within in the middle of some thick trees. Rukia didn’t sit down right away, she took in the sight of the rather basic and obviously store-bought lunch on the bench. Rangiku twirled around with a pleasant sigh, making her skirt rise up. At least she wore more than skin or even a thong, but that…underwear…with the cute rabbit on it…

“IS that mine?” Rukia started out with a yell, but quickly and wisely lowered her voice to confront Rangiku.

“I found it in the clean laundry.” Rangiku bent over and kissed Rukia on the cheek. The poor girl bounced out of her chair and let out a small scream of pain. “So I had to stretch it a bit…”

“A bit?” Rukia jumped back up and grabbed Rangiku by the straps and started to shake her, her face becoming red and her brows slanted towards her nose. “Our body-sizes are miles apart! That thing is going to snap! And that’s one of my favorite!”

“Eh-heh?” Rangiku meekly smiled and gave a frightened look. She didn’t think this though…

…and then to make things worse for the two of them, the straps broke and Rangiku fell onto the ground rump-first, her breasts escaping from the confides of the outfit. Rukia quickly covered her eyes out of fear from actually enjoying them. Rangiku let out a small ‘eep!’ before covering herself up with her arm. Once more, Rukia thanked Rangiku for picking a secluded spot. “Whoops!” Rangiku half-heartily chuckled out, trying to act normal despite the accident. “Heh, I’m used to this! This isn’t anything new to me…” But as she rose, she stopped suddenly as she felt something poking at her bum. “What the…” She muttered to herself as she continued to get up regardless…

…until the sound of ripping fabric came upon the two’s ears and they knew immediately what happened. Rangiku looked behind her to see a great part of her panties were torn off and laying wrapped around a stick poking out of the ground. Rangiku reached a hand around to feel bare skin under her outfit. Once more she smiled meekly at Rukia, still in shock over the straps breaking.

“Could you…” Rangiku asked with a very tiny voice. “…help me out here?”

“Why?!” Rukia raised her voice way higher than needed. “Don’t you prefer going around naked and showing everyone your revealing form?”

“Not like this…” Rangiku sat back own on the ground to cover her naked bum, with her arms covering her exposed breasts. “I like control in these situations…and…” She gave off a very uncomfortable look as she fidgeted around in place. “…and I’m not too fond of my rear-end…”


“Seriously!” Rangiku scooted over to Rukia, which had to be a pleasant experience. “It’s not my best feature! I prefer breasts! They’re more inviting and more interesting than my ass!”

“And yet you slept with a woman with no breasts.” Rukia sarcastically groaned, gracing her hand around her chest to reveal the blindly obvious.

“Rukia…” Rangiku started with a rather unusual sincere tone before stopping herself and asking with her usual, “I’m going to need to borrow some clothes…”

“I’m not going to give you my robes…” Rukia sighed as she went around a bush. “…but seeing how you can wear my underwear without stretching it, I’m going to trust you with another pair…” Rukia then did exactly what she said she would do and tossed over her own pair. Rangiku held onto the dainty piece of fabric. “But we’re going straight home…my home anyway…and you will never wear any of my clothes again, got it!” Rukia angrily stated as she exited from behind the bush.

“It’s going to be a bit hard wand awkward with this.” Rangiku pointed with her eyes to her arms still covering her breasts. “…not I don’t mind…but I will get into a lot of trouble…there are families and kids around here…”

“All right!” Rukia moaned as she took off her white sash and handed it to Rangiku. “I’m not going to give you my robes…they wouldn’t fit you anyway.” She held onto her Zanpakuto with both hands. “Come on, put them on and we’ll be on our way back.” She pointed over to the bush she just used. “And try to hurry up…I think by now people are going to come over here and make things even worse for us.”

As Rangiku turned around to go behind the shrubbery, Rukia got a good look at her exposed rear-end. As opposed to seeing the all-too present breasts, Rukia found the big bubbly butt to be quite…endearing. Rangiku clearly underestimated this part of her body. Rukia actually found herself not minding seeing it. Nice in fact. It was a nice ass.

Rukia tried to banish that stray thought, but it persisted. Maybe she should get drunk again and try to kill that memory much like the memory of her and Rangiku sleeping together…

Still, as soon as Rangiku got the panties on and wrapped the sash around her breasts like…a wrap, she and Rukia silently returned back to the Kuchiki household to get changed. People of course gave them weird looks, but nothing that would get them into major trouble at least. Rukia felt content that she managed to control that situation…until she realized that they left the food back on the bench and in the time it would take to get changed they would have to get back to work.

At least…AT LEAST…at least Byakuya offered to make dinner this evening. It wouldn’t be bad…but then Rukia recalled that small fact that Rangiku lived in the same household…
So They Got Married, Huh? by BlackEyeHawk
So They Got Married, Huh?

Funny story about this pic.

You see, this is not my picture, but done by someone else, The Panty and Stocking Ask Blog. ( I asked about a AU where the these four are married and living the simple life...things don't end well of course and the universe is ended when the original cast comes in and murders these poor fellows. (…)

So I decided to color in the picture...but the problem is that by looking at the pic, you can tell that the thing was captured on camera. 

So...I had to redraw the whole thing. Some parts were easy, but there a ton of stray lines going all over the place, and I have no idea that is that thing on Scanty's arm. That's what it looks like in the original pic. I actually used my laptop touchpad to redo the entire picture, then erased the original picture, use paint bucket to thicken the whisper-thin lines, and then colored it in.

Credit of course goes to the original blog, and the original artist. ( All I did was that entire last paragraph. If you like this AU, then here's the story backing this. (…)

Getting back to the inn took some time; a drunk Davis weighed as heavy as a cannonball. At least the hat staid on him. People looked at us like most normal people would; seeing a young woman dragging a obviously drunk man through the streets at night earned us only required-by-society looks of disapproval and not some suspicious looks. We were in the clear as in being detected for now. Most of the naval officers were being rerouted to their new positions so the streets were clear for us to move freely and pick the fastest way back instead of the safer way. Davis made no attempt to help in any way.

I take back my previous statement about cannonballs. I could roll that around.

Knocked on the door, three times. The door opened and the happy face of a beaming man greeted me with a mix of a groan and a grunt. He grabbed the drunk mass of his captain and took him inside. Surprisingly, he didn’t slam the door in my face and I went inside. Charlie still stood behind the bar with a weapon next to his open hand and Simon was cutting up potatoes for no other reason but to do something with a knife. Isabelle must be doing something upstairs. Rogers carried his load up the stairs and to the bedroom that Davis claimed.

“We have a big problem Simon.” I approached him. He stopped carving at the poor vegetable to stop and listen to me for a bit. “My father is in town, and has taken control of the navy. If they see you, they will kill you. They’re going on a warpath tomorrow, and we need to get out of town.” Simon dropped the potato and got up to face me with a questioning look, asking for confirmation. “I saw him when getting Davis. He was talking with another officer, and they mentioned that the Predator escaped following a fight…”

“It’s nearby!” Simon cheered, his emotion changing completely. “The Predator is going to hide somewhere and disguise itself as a merchant ship; the flag will be a yellow rectangle with a white cross in the middle.” He got up and went over to Charlie, who was listening in. “Hey pal! Tomorrow, we need you to put on your best disguise, we need to board the SS Silver Lady by tomorrow or every navy officer will become a firing squad.” Charlie sighed and went off to assemble his disguise. Simon returned to me. “Remember! SS Silver Lady! It will be the same size as the Black Predator but will have silver and yellow coloring!” He let out another cheer as he went up to go and tell that to Rogers, who would be more listening to a longtime crewmate.

Seems like they had done this before. They knew exactly what to do in a situation like this. Seems like the only problem we would have tomorrow would be avoiding the navy and not exposing our ship to others. A great wave of relief came over me. At least until the next morning, where I had a feeling that ‘do perfect or die’ would come heavily into effect.

I decided to turn in now. I turned up the stairs and fell into bed without getting under the covers. As I could feel myself slipping off into the clouds, I considered somethings that would make tomorrow even more challenging. My father used to go over various tactics that pirates would use to elude the navy…like…

I’m writing this entry the morning after, before we head out. I’m trying to remember what my father talked about. This could be my final entry; earnestly I hope not.
A Voyage Into Infinity X
For :iconslyth3rin: as part of our long-term trade!
She felt a bit cold. Weird, most people would call her mad and kindly remind her that the summer sun produced intense heat and not a shivering chill. Perhaps the new swimsuit she wore made her feel this way? Usually the feeling of putting on the summer’s next big fashion hit was the feeling of pleasure, comfort, sexiness, and having all eyes on her at all times. But this number made her feel uneasy, uncomfortable, and perhaps drew a little too much attention.

Brit recalled when she was excited to have a body that could support a two-piece outfit. Her curves really were placed on display whenever she strapped on the finest fashion that season had to offer. Her breasts and butt really looked damn good in whatever she put on anyway, so putting on a sexy swimsuit only added on even more power to her.

Seemingly after becoming girlfriends with Jenny gave Brit a reflective look upon herself. But that might have not been the best idea. Brit’s fragile mind couldn’t comprehend the idea of inferiority, be it to herself or about others. A multi-color floral print Brazilian-cut two piece bikini wouldn’t seem like much to the average eye, but the well-trained professional eye could tell that the piece came from Dynamite Lady’s 2015 Summer Special by Francesca Voltaire. Made from the finest fibers and hand-woven. Cost as much as a next-gen video game console.

Jenny loved the swimsuit of course. She whooped and hollered about how sexy Brit looked and Jenny would joke about how proud she was to earn such a prize. (Putting on her best ‘brah’ voice) Jenny’s swimsuit consisted of painting her metal exterior red and orange stripes and reshaping the new blades of armor into slimmer pieces while pushing out her chest and rear to really show off the control of her body.

“You likey?” Jenny started to slowly dance and gyrate her torso on the hip joint in front of Brit. “I can make them bigger…” She blew a kiss as she turned her torso around so she can inflate her rear as a point and started to shake what her momma made for her. (Or rather, what Jenny later snuck in during a check-up.) “…or smaller, if you prefer.”

“Average is fine for me…” Brit trailed off. Of course she enjoyed bigger things. At this point in the relationship, Brit felt completely comfortable in finding Jenny to be sexual and attractable being. It didn’t matter if she were cast from metal and wires rather than flesh and bone. Even if Jenny didn’t have her winning personality, her easily changeable body would win Brit over. Feel like playing with something squishy? Literal balloon breasts or balloon butt! Brit could play out whatever fetish she wanted; try it out to see if she actually enjoyed it. Then again, Jenny’s personality is what attracted Brit to Jenny in the first place, (That and the whole saving her life thing) so that last statement is rather pointless.

“Third beach, and we’re still going!” Jenny shouted to the world as she exited the hotel. Summer vacation offered the couple a chance to escape from Brit’s parents and enjoy themselves as adults. On good faith, Brit had been given a half of a million for her to go and see the world in preparation for her entrance into college and adult life. Her parents would take the money back if they saw Brit hang out with any robot for more than a minute in a manner not related to work. After hearing that from Brit over their secret communication line, Jenny worked a all-nighter to fix up the human exo-skeleton so it would drive her mad (…again!) so she could blend right in and pretend to be a good friend of Brit. Whenever Jenny spotted or detected one of the Crust’s family agents, she would put on the disguise and auto-tune her voice into a bubbly valley girl to ward off the agents.

“We should visit a city next.” Brit simply stated. “Do a little shopping?”

“Wherever and whenever you want!” Jenny proclaimed as she kissed Brit on the cheek and dashed off into the sky to dive into the ocean. Brit stuck her hands in her jacket’s pockets and followed Jenny below to the beach. Place was fantastic. Clear sea, fine sand checked every four hours for trash and cleaned, plenty of space, and plenty of refreshments.

And yet Brit still felt down.

Why did she feel so worn down? So tired and sad? She had no reason to be this way! She was going to a great college that would offer her a chance to take a great and prosperous future and make it a reality, she had a super-heroine for a girlfriend who Brit had a great attraction to her, she had a entire summer to explore the world at her own leisure and have as much as fun as she wanted…she should be playing it cool and enjoying herself!

Brit spread out a blanket and laid down. Not because she wanted to tan, because she didn’t feel up to setting up a umbrella. She just wanted to lay there out in the broiling sun and just stay there. Brit rolled around for every so often for no other reason but to move her body around. The only thing to escape her mouth was a sigh to herself.

Jenny enjoyed herself however. She dived under the surface to explore the ocean floor. All the colorful fishes swam away from her, keeping to themselves at a safe distance. The bigger creatures went about their business as usual, ignoring the metallic humanoid swimming freely in their domain. Jenny’s eyes flashed several times to capture the wonderful and various flora and fauna she spotted. Jenny figured that Brit wouldn’t be all that interested in sea life, but maybe Jenny could coax her into it. Like…selling huge portraits of the sea floor! Yeah!

Jenny went up to check up on Brit down on solid ground. She had at least expected to spot Brit drifting freely on a inflatable raft tanning with a tall glass of exotic juice, but Jenny instead noticed Brit hadn’t even left the beach and barely moved far from their hotel. Jenny touched down and looked at Brit, who didn’t acknowledge Jenny’s arrival.

“Something wrong?” Jenny asked, bending down to look at Brit’s face. Eyelids were halfway closed and mouth had a constant frown plastered on. Brit looked like half-dead. Jenny rapped a finger against a cheek, watching the flesh bounce. “Brit? You…okay?” Jenny transformed her other hand into a scanning device. A quick showing of Brit showed her to be physically healthy, outside of getting a little too much of a tan. Jenny quickly whizzed back to the hotel and picked out a umbrella. Setting it up, Jenny slapped Brit a few time. That got her out of a daze. “What’s wrong, Brit?”

“Nothing.” Brit remarked. “There’s no problem. I’m fine.”

“You know that means you’re not.” Jenny stated, hands on her hips and concerned. “Please tell!”

“Honestly.” Brit sighed. “I don’t know. I just feel…” She took a breath to figure out what she needed to say. And she didn’t find that. “…I don’t know. I feel cold and lifeless…like a zombie…”

“And this vacation is making it worse, huh?” Jenny asked, Brit confirming with a nod. “Wanna try something different then?” Jenny pressed on her chest and the monitor appeared. “We could try something more energetic.” A display of a green forest and a background mountain appeared. “Like hiking or camping?” Brit merely shook her head. “Okay…” The image changed into a cityscape. “You wanna leave the beach and enjoy a day in the city.” Again the head shook ‘no’. “Something not so physically demanding then?” The screen flickered and showed a small resort. “Sauna, massages, heated pool, live in the lap of luxury?” Brit’s response changed, a weak nod. “You sure?” Jenny asked to be certain. Brit responded with another weak nod. “Okay…” Jenny trailed off as she picked Brit up and delivered her back to the hotel. “Dry off and I’ll get our things packed.”

Brit went into the bathroom and undressed. Not that she really needed to; she didn’t go into the water and the only dirt on her was sand on the bottom of her sandals. Still, she felt relaxed now that she was out of her suit. She might not wear it ever again.

The resort promised a lot from what Jenny blabbed on about, just reciting the information on the website. Brit did enjoy these sorts of places, and the fact that it had pudding did make things better. Besides, she could go off radar for a bit and avoid run ins with her parent’s agents. If they asked where she went to for a week, she would say that she went to a resort wanting peace alone. They might not buy it, but Brit would be able to point out they had no evidence to prove that Brit and therefore can’t push her out of the family estate…again.

Still, Brit couldn’t shake the feeling that she felt something wrong. No explanation and she couldn’t shake it off. She felt a bit warm with Jenny right next to her, but that was just the jet engine giving off heat through Jenny’s chest.
So, I got depressed in May over people not celebrating my birthday. Sure, I didn't tell anyone about it, my fault entirely. But it annoyed me when people I followed out-right demanded birthday gifts and acted like greedy brats.

So...I had a wicked idea. How about a half-birthday art jam?


1. The art must be half. What kind of half? Any kind of half! Half-finished, half-inked, half-colored, half-shaded, half-assed, half-whatever. The picture must have something to do with 50%.

2. It's up to you what you do half-way. Can be a comic, a single-panel, a poster, whatever. The subject matter can be anything, be it birthday-related or not. (It's my half-birthday). Check my favorites/gallery for ideas if you so want. Just keep it dA-safe.

3. DUE DATE IS November 27th.

It's weird, but I'm into weird. So if you got free time and you get inspired by something stupid I did, feel free to participate.

Fem!Cap wishes you a happy birthday! by Artismous
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