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My Personal Top Ten Crack Couples List (Yuri FTW) by BlackEyeHawk My Personal Top Ten Crack Couples List (Yuri FTW) by BlackEyeHawk

Oh, hey, I used Adobe Illustrator for the first time. Go me.

What defines crack? Simple. The impossible stuff. Completely non-canon, crossover, the people who you wouldn't see together for any reason. While my list has some couples with some degree of popularity, these are the couples that can't happen outside of fanwork. I have a got a lot of couples, so I went ahead and choose the crackiest!

I took the best pictures of the couples and used them. I also provided the link to the original image if you so please.


1. FRAN (Final Fantasy XII)/JESSICA ALBERT (Dragon Quest VIII)
Image provided: [link]

Well, if you know me, you should this was obvious. Hell, I got them as my desktop background and my phone lock screen! I made a blinking club out of them! Anyway, why are these two together? The two of them are both from Square Einx, from games on the PS2, realized around the mid-2000s, and both are the major sex appeal of the games they're in. If you read my stuff, you know that I tend to write sexual encounters. But these guys are pure. My true romance couple. No.1.

Image provided: [link]

Speaking of sexual encounters. Again, I shall state. In the Naruto fandom, everyone is paired with everyone. Expect...these two. There are some examples, but you got to go dig for them. My reasoning is thus: They're both blonde and can be hotblooded. Perfect for each other, right?

3. AYLA/QUEEN ZEAL (Chrono Trigger)
Image provided: [link]

I actually got some attention from a Anti-Magus club a while back for my efforts about creating this couple. This one is fairly popular, but nobody has done anything with the couple on their own time. This couple actually has some basis in fact. Ayla has admitted to being attracted to strong people of all genders, and Zeal also has a thing for strong people.

Image provided: [link]

Sorta the same thing like Tsunade/Ino really. Crazy fandom, overlooked possibility. The two opposites together: the calm-headed Rukia and the wild Rangiku/the flat Rukia and the busty Rangiku. Given the author's habit of doing the most insane thing, this couple...might have a sliver of chance.

5. PEG (Goof Troop)/FRANKIE FOSTER (Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends)
Image provided: [link]

Red-heads for the win! Really, that's my reason behind them. Two lovely red-heads. I do imagine them as a fancy couple, hence the image. For some reason, when people do them, they tend to draw Peg as a regular human, with the regular nose and regular hair. Kinda kills the picture.

6. AMY WONG (Futurama)/MARTIAN QUEEN TYR'AHNEE (Duck Dodgers)
Image provided: [link]

Martian, martian, martian! Can't believe I did a Brandy Brunch reference. Honestly, you would have thought these two would be paired more often. Both are Martians, fan service material, but both can be intelligent. They do have love problems from time to time, so hey, I fixed that by putting them together!

7. JESSICA RABBIT (Who Framed Roger Rabbit?)/HOLLI WOULD (Cool World)
Image provided: [link]

Okay, this one is probably the least crackily, but it's my list, and I dictate what goes. Two sexy toon ladies from movies where they interact with live-action guys, together. No need to let them duke it out to decide who's better, just let them love each other. Familiar to Peg/Frankie, people who did this couple for me tend to place them in non-romantic poses.

8. CHEL (Road To El Dorado)/KIDA (Atlantis: The Lost Empire)
Image provided: [link]

Again, this one has been done before. Sorta the same thing with Jessica/Holli, both are native girls from movies involving famous lost cites. Guess the major difference is that these two don't provide that much fanservice. If you must know, Chel has got a fine ass and Kida's got a nice pair of boobs.

9. FLANNERY (Pokemon)/MADDY (MegaMan: Battle Network)
Image provided: [link]

Also known as: Madoi, Ms. Madd. While the image provided is in black and white, they're both red-heads with crazy hair. They do have some moments of fan service.

10. ANGEL JONES (Fish Police)/JULIE BRUIN (Tiny Toons Adventures)
Image provided: [link]

Ladies and gents, the most crackiest couple on my list. So far, everyone on the list has some sense as to why I choose them. These two? Nuthin'. Sure, they're both obscure sexy characters, and owned by Warner Brothers, but what's the real reason?

...I saw a porn pic of the two once. That's the reason.

So, I'm done. Feel free to comment on my choices. If you're interested in more pics of the couple, contact me and I'll give you some links.
GeeLionHeart Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
These are amazing!
BlackEyeHawk Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2013
I'm just that good.
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